7 Tricks To Improve Personal Relationships

Personal relationships are not easy, but they are not usually as difficult as we think in the middle of the conflict. 7 Tricks To Improve Personal Relationships.

7 Tricks To Improve Personal Relationships

Some fail to interact adequately with others because of shyness. Others, on the other hand, bring the imprint of conflict in their history, perhaps because of a family environment in which there were no good relationships.

This causes them to be born and to remain in polemics that lead to nothing or look at others with a point of distrust and apprehension.

One is not born with the ability or inability to establish good personal relationships. It is true that there are some genetic predispositions that make you more or less extrovert, more or less sociable.

However, this is not decisive. Basically, interacting properly with others is a learning process. This requires the development of some skills that are within everyone’s reach.

There are also some tricks that facilitate that learning. They are small tips, very easy to apply and effective in their purpose: to improve our personal relationships.

We’ll talk to you about them in a moment.

Trains The Ability To Listen

The activity of listening is not limited, or should not be limited, to shutting up while the other enunciates.

It goes further: it means paying attention to the content and form of the message that the other is trying to get across to us.

It is not a matter of staying still, but of going part of the way to meet what the other says, suggests or insinuates.

Nor is it a question of muzzling our inner dialogue, but of deriving it to what the other is telling us.

To develop the ability to listen, there is nothing better than listening. Now, how? Try to remain silent, simply trying to grasp what they say.

At first you will have to make a conscious effort to keep your attention from escaping; however, once you’ve taken it easy, the temptation of scattering won’t be as great.

Practice Empathy

7 Tricks To Improve Personal Relationships

Active listening and empathy go hand in hand. Focusing our attention on the message they are trying to convey opens up a possibility, that of understanding it from the context of the other and not from our own.

This is precisely empathy: being able to put oneself in the skin of others, understanding in the process what makes them think as they think and act as they act.

Thus, empathy requires more of an open attitude than a critical attitude. Each one is as they are and do what they do for reasons that often escape us.

With what right are we going to question them? In this sense, we lose a lot when we fail to establish empathy. We lose learning, broadening of experiences and the opportunity to improve our personal relationships.

Trust What You Do And Say

A trusting attitude generates trust in others. It also happens the opposite, when someone is hesitant or insecure, creates a defensive response in those who are by his side.

It is not so difficult to practice trust. Simply give the person you are a chance, without forgetting that within the person you are is implicit the person you would like to become.

Fear is one of the most tense emotions in communication, being an obstacle to personal relationships in certain contexts. In many cases, a little training is all that is needed to get away from its influence.

In order to do this, try not to let pauses predominate in your communication and look for more conversation than speech or monologue.

You don’t need to become talkative, very witty or funny. You simply have to rescue a point of naturalness for communication.

In this sense, a speech that is too measured can be interpreted by the people who hear it as an attempt on your part to hide something… when the only thing you try to hide is that you are afraid to show yourself as you are. Why?

Smile, Always Smile

7 Tricks To Improve Personal Relationships

To say that a smile opens many doors is a done phrase, a common place. However, it is not known that it is forgotten and true.

The smile breaks down barriers, builds an emotional climate of kindness and contributes to reduce tensions. Moreover, it is free.

Good Manners

Good manners will never go out of style or cease to be master keys that open main doors. In addition, with practice they will gain in naturalness, ceasing to give that sensation of artifice on which some conclude falsehood, rather than respect and consideration.

Learn How To Handle Anger

To manage anger, like to manage any other emotion, is also learned. There is a golden rule that in moments of anger can help us. If you are upset, at first you only have to do three things: say nothing, do nothing and stay still. It’s that simple. Anger will hardly facilitate the resolution of the conflict.

Everything (or most of it) Is In The Details

7 Tricks To Improve Personal Relationships

There are a number of attitudes or small details that significantly increase the quality of personal relationships.

They are simple gestures that speak of nobility and willingness to others. It is a good idea to incorporate them into your natural way of being.

Some of these gestures are:

  • Give sincere praise to others. In this sense, we have little habit of sharing the good we think of others… when saying, in this sense, is always a source of satisfaction.
  • Calling people by their name.
  • The importance of a problem is decided by the person it affects.
  • During a polemic, tell the other that you value his or her point of view and want to understand it.
  • Show your interest in what the other person thinks or feels.
  • Don’t try to change anyone’s way of thinking.

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