COVID-19 And Striptease

There are chronicles of the coronavirus that won’t be forgotten. COVID-19 And Striptease.

Every day there are hundreds of new stories to tell and some are becoming repetitive.

With this singular crisis, for example, people are getting emotional striptease.

I must confess that I first noticed the phenomenon at home. When some members of my family began to suffer from the mutation.

COVID-19 And Striptease
COVID-19 And Striptease

It’s not that they changed their personality, they just became – how should I put it? – an enhanced, perhaps exaggerated, version of themselves.

The obsessive with order put us all in order:

  • Those who took medicine for depression, now prescribes it at the limit of imposition.
  • The one who before heard little, now does nothing.
  • The one who had a tendency to play the victim. These days they speak of themselves as if they were the only being threatened on the planet.

There’s something about the coronavirus that, as it advances, rips off the psychological disguises of our species.

I have in my mind that formidable English comedy -The Full Monty- . Which in the late nineties of the last century won several awards.

In the plot, a group of six unemployed people in trouble strip off all their clothes, in front of acquaintances and strangers, a little to get money and a lot to distract the anxiety of a time in bankruptcy.

That’s how we’re doing these days: prone to Full Monty. As if the pandemic had taken away our desire to cheat, hide, temper or moderate.

With the coronavirus, everyone is what he was, but in a superlative, shameless, uncooked version.

COVID-19 And Striptease

COVID-19 And Striptease
COVID-19 And Striptease

It is the same for everyone the president, the secretary, the interviewee and the journalist. The scientist and the demagogue, the neurotic and his therapist, the bosses and their employees.

The businessman and his critics, the bureaucrat and the artist. The one who writes these lines and (forgive the daring) the one who reads them.

Perhaps the epidemic has made us hypersensitive and we act accordingly. We are affected by things that normally would have gone unnoticed.

I have as evidential material in favor of this argument the eighteen chats that one day I will abandon. (Promised daily by my own crisis of hypersensitivity).

I confess that with my fingertips I have given one or another sermon. Also tell that I have been mistreated without deserving it. And that there I have counted by groups those who usually feel superior to anyone.

There are also many people in these places who overnight received a doctorate in economics or in epidemiology; they are distinguished by the fact that they both share the symptom of seeing a deep ravine at the end of the tunnel.

Albert Einstein once said that “he who overcomes the crisis overcomes himself without being overcome.”

Well, if stripping makes us outdo ourselves, welcome to the Full Monty experience.

But if, when we are remembered, the circumstances surpass us, in the chronicles of the coronavirus there will remain the memory of that ridiculous thing we did when, without inhibition, we showed our worst counterfeits.


The pandemic is bringing out the best angels in our nature, but also the ugliest.

They both inhabit each of us. Let each one of us, during this trance, take care of displaying nudity to one or the other.