How to Avoid Hypothermia

Hypothermia can be quite dangerous. There have been a large number of instances where hypothermia emerged because people were outside while the weather was freezing cold. How to Avoid Hypothermia?

How to Avoid Hypothermia
Woman with Winter Clothes.

Truth be told, hypothermia can emerge anywhere, even in the comfort of your home.

It is crucial to determine how cold and chilly, your house can get during the winters. Hypothermia is typically a condition where your body’s temperature reaches a record-breaking low and starts turning cold.

This way, it is not able to produce the heat to shoo off that cold. There are a large number of factors which can contribute to this condition such as power cuts, which don’t allow people to keep heaters and other heating devices running.

Here are a few tips which can help you to avoid Hypothermia.

Step 1: Don’t step out when it’s too cold

Since it’s obvious that the condition is caused by low temperatures, it is best to stay with your friends and family at home rather than stepping out.

In colder countries, the temperatures drop to a point that it is hard to get water to boil. If you want to avoid being hypothermic, ensure that you stay at home and keep the heating devices on.

Consume food that allows your body to produce heat at a faster pace.

Avoid going to places which have more chances of wind or snowfall.

Step 2: Eat, eat and eat!

How to Avoid Hypothermia
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Eating food that is high in nutrients allows your body to get the nourishment it requires and produce enough heat to keep you out of danger.

Foods which are rich in fats, proteins and high in sugar are a rich source of fuel for your body.

Not eating enough will only make your body temperature plummet lower. Make sure that you eat chicken, soy products, dairy products, and other food items which are laden with proteins.

Soft drinks, which are high in sugar are quite effective but avoid all forms of soda and jazzed drinks, which only make your body lose all that retained water.

Step 3: Dress well

Needless to say, it’s imperative to dress so that your body stays warm.

Make sure that your ears, head, face, and neck stay covered at all times.

Instead of mittens, you should wear gloves since they trap the warmth in.

Make sure that you don’t indulge in exhausting exercises which drain out your energy.

It only makes harder for your body to maintain the temperature.

Feel free to wear layers of clothes. Blazers, coats, sweaters – bring them all out.

Wearing numerous layers ensures that your attire is somewhat able to trap the heat in your body.

The sleeves should likewise fit firmly so that the cold doesn’t enter.

Step 4: Choose the fabric wisely

Woman with Winter Gloves.

Cotton is perfectly fit for summers and definitely not for winters.

Choose fabrics which are textured such as fleece and wool.

They ensure that your body stays warmer for a longer duration of time by trapping in all that heat.

Cotton, on the other hand, allows air to travel through the tiny holes, which must be avoided.

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