How To Cure Hiccups

Hiccups can be extremely annoying and a means of embarrassment, especially if you’re out with your friends and begin to experience them. How To Cure Hiccups?


To others, it may seem like you’re finding it hard to breathe, but it’s really hard to find one remedy that does the trick for you.

More often than not, there’s no definite reason for your hiccups.

Furthermore, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to hiccups.

Here are some remedies which can help you cure hiccups:

Step 1: Lying Straight

This can be done if you’re at home or if you can find a place to lie down. Simply lie on your back with your head looking straight up.

Envision your energy to one point and concentrate. What this does is, it makes your mind focus on stopping those hiccups rather than thinking about the hiccups themselves. Simply do that and concentrate.

Furthermore, the motive behind this is to stretch your lower rib cage area so that the spasms of the hiccups cease.

After you’re done, simply get up slowly and begin doing things that you were normally doing. Also, try gargling with ice-cold water.

Step 2: Deep Breaths

How To Cure Hiccups

Take a deep breathe and hold it. That’s it. Hold it until you feel like a hiccup isn’t coming up.

Regular, steady, deep breaths allow your lungs to be filled with air and then release air completely.

Having a glass of water in one go can also be helpful.

Step 3: Lemon

Biting on a lemon can also be helpful. Alternatively, you can get a thin slice of lemon and suck on it.

Avoid sodas and carbonated drinks at any cost. A number of doctors believe that sodas are the reason why hiccups occur in the first place.

Some people say that keeping some sugar right in the middle of your tongue until it dissolves can help too.

Step 4: Bend over and drink from a glass

While this sounds stranger than ever, drinking water from the furthest end of the glass while bending down can be extremely helpful.

This weird remedy has actually taken the crowd by a storm. The reason behind it is that this stimulates the vagus nerve, which is behind the hiccups.

Step 5: Relax

How To Cure Hiccups

Hiccups usually go away on their own in most cases. Worrying about them only makes things worse and can lead to chronic hiccups.

In any case, one should avoid eating too greasy or spicy condiments which might trigger hiccups.

Drinking too much alcohol also chafes the stomach while causing hiccups.

Another remedy which can be tried is to pull on the tongue. To do this, simply hold the very end of the tongue with your fingers and tug on it.

It usually allows your spasms to become more eased and eventually stops them completely.

Ensure that if you take any medication, the side effects of that medication shouldn’t include hiccups.

If the problem still persists over a long period of time, make sure that you visit a doctor to know the cause of the hiccups.

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