What Are The Uses Of Blockchain? In Addition To The Cryptocurrencies (Part V)

What Are The Uses Of Blockchain? In Addition To The Cryptocurrencies (Part V)

In the previous post we talked about:

  • Marketing
  • Sport and football
  • Video games and eSports
  • Real estate
  • Mortgages

25. Music

What Are The Uses Of Blockchain? In Addition To The Cryptocurrencies (Part V)

Also in the music industry there is room for blockchain. So much so that the industry giant, Spotify, acquired Mediachain, a startup that combines blockchain infrastructure with content identification technology.

The goal is to create a universal multimedia library that enables better identification of authors and faster distribution of compositions.

However, most of the blockchain’s advances in the music sector are focused on copyright protection.

To put you in situation, nothing better than an example. Kevin Kadine, composer of the international hit All about the Bass in 2014, received only $5,699 for 175 million reproductions of that song on Spotify.

To avoid these ethically fraudulent practices, blockchain platforms for music distribution are being created.

Through a control panel, authors will be able to know on which devices and through which platforms their compositions are being played.

They will also be able to sell the rights to their songs safely and autonomously.

Such blockchain services would eliminate a multitude of intermediaries and put authors directly in touch with their audiences.

26. Public Administration

What Are The Uses Of Blockchain? In Addition To The Cryptocurrencies (Part V)
Public Administration.

The Public Administration is a giant company, so the future applications of blockchain in its processes can be infinite.

Five applications blockchain in the Public Administration could be:

  • It would provide security to the data they register of all citizens. In addition, encryption would provide inviolability to their databases.
  • It would allow more transparent voting. The uses of blockchain technology are not only applicable to elections, but could also be used to consult citizens.
  • Smart contracts can provide a more secure and reliable solution for certificates, registrations or payments telematically.
  • Decentralized systems and automation would greatly streamline the procedures with the Administration.
  • The use of smart contracts can also be used to combat fraud and tax collection.

27. Art

Also in the art world there is room for blockchain. Although its integration is not as developed as in other sectors, initiatives are beginning to be seen.

The most outstanding are focused on the verification of authenticity of works or the certification of authorship.

28. Agriculture

What Are The Uses Of Blockchain? In Addition To The Cryptocurrencies (Part V)

Blockchain advances focused on agriculture have focused on improving food quality.

That’s how ripe.io came about, a startup that monitors the condition of vegetables in real time and allows consumers to know where products come from in a matter of seconds.

This has attracted the attention of large companies and, for example, IBM partnered with food giants such as Dole, Nestlé, Unilever and Walmart to improve the traceability of their products.

29. Wine

What Are The Uses Of Blockchain? In Addition To The Cryptocurrencies (Part V)

The main applications of blockchain in agriculture have been very well accepted by the wine sector.

The advances in the blockchain seek a more transparent wine market in all stages of production, a much more detailed traceability and even advances in determining the price of wine in the market.

But perhaps the usefulness of the blockchain in the logistics sector and transport more with greater potential is traceability.

The inalterability of the blockchain gives transparency, security and confidence to the data provided by the companies in terms of traceability.

These are just a few examples of innovative applications of the blockchain. New blockchain projects are continuously published and it is difficult to imagine in which area it will not break into.

Little by little the blockchain will develop and more and more people will understand what it is about.

Probably, in the not too distant future, we will begin to see everyday applications of blockchain technology that will transform the digital world.

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