Games To Combat COVID-19

“Monument Valley” was launched five years ago. But today it is still a benchmark for mobile games and has a big screen adaptation on the way. Games To Combat COVID-19.

It is a unique puzzle experience that combines puzzles, with impossible geometry structures inspired by Escher and a movie soundtrack. (iOS and Android)

If your mobile gaming experience is limited to “Candy Crush” or “Fortnite”, or you simply haven’t played before, the COVID-19 quarantine may be a good time to start exploring the wide and varied world of mobile gaming.

There is something for everyone.

Mobile video games are living a great moment. More and more projects are moving away from zombie threat or shooting themes and are betting on different narratives, which immerse the player in stories as careful and complex as those in any book.

Below is a list of proposals for all tastes. No need to get bored while we overcome the coronavirus crisis.

Games To Combat COVID-19.

Games To Combat COVID-19
Video Games.

1. Gorogoa.

This video game is a carefully and original proposal drawn by hand by Jason Roberts.

Players must order the illustrations, made with an exquisite level of detail, while immersing themselves in a story about a young man.

The video game has a mechanic that is simple and evocative at first, but that gains in complexity as the game develops. (Only iOs)

2. Florence.

The illustration, music and history of this video game have made this piece a reference work in the sector, which also has many awards, such as the BAFTA for the best mobile video game.

It tells in a very special way the story of Florence, a twenty-five year old girl who falls in love for the first time, with a young cellist, until everything turns around. (iOS and Android)

3. Monument Valley.

It was launched five years ago, but today it is still a reference for mobile games that also has an adaptation to the big screen on the way. It is a unique puzzle experience that combines puzzles, with impossible geometry structures inspired by Escher and a movie soundtrack. (iOS and Android)

4. Tangle Tower.

It can be finished in a weekend and it’s a kind of mix between a puzzle video game and a crime series.

At first glance it may look like a simple animation with dialogues, but its story is designed with full detail and depth. (iOS only)

Woman playing on mobile.

5. Kami 2.

The game that gives a twist to the puzzle genre. It’s completely free unless you get stuck and need a clue to follow.

The system is based on silhouettes made with brightly colored triangles and plays with the origami technique.

There are over a hundred levels and it’s very relaxing. (iOS and Android).

6. Grindstone.

Capybara Games is one of the biggest names in independent gaming. This game is all about killing, yes, but feeding from a cave to the top of a mountain.

An adventure, halfway between puzzle and strategy, full of color and humor. (Only iOS)

7. Sayonara Wild Hearts.

If you like music, this is your game. It’s a music-based project that tells the story of a young woman in a surrealistic landscape.

Its creators, the Swedish Simogo, describe it as a pop album turned into a video game, in which motorcycles, dancing and music are mixed at 200 kilometers per hour. (Only iOS)

8. Journey.

It was one of the first independent titles to sweep away (2012) and is the benchmark for many projects that came later.

The player begins a journey into the desert, where he finds the remains of an ancient civilization, while solving riddles, puzzles and finding signs and other travelers, who guide him on a path that addresses issues such as companionship, kindness or magic. (iOS only)

Games To Combat COVID-19
Man playing on mobile.

9. Donut County.

Its strange plot, a city dominated by raccoons in which holes appear that gobble up everything in their path, raised it last year as one of the games of the year.

It’s a humorous strategy game whose only goal is to have a good time and escape, so perfect for these times of crisis. (Only iOS)

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