The Best Series With One Season On Netflix (Part II)

In the previous post we spoke about:

  1. Sex Education
  2. Russian Doll
  3. Love, Death + Robots
  4. Quicksand
  5. The end of the f***ing world

6. Black Mirror

Okay, it’s cheating. Black Mirror is one of the best Netflix series, and it’s also one of those you can see in an afternoon since its seasons don’t have many chapters and last between an hour and an hour and a half. The good thing is that you can leave it whenever you want, since, although they share the same theme, the chapters of Black Mirror are totally independent.

That is to say, as soon as we are seeing a chapter in which a tester tests a horror game like another in which a girl is trapped by likes in a future in which something similar to Instagram governs society. It’s a dystopian series that shows the dangers of technology, and with a fifth season coming up soon, you might want to start seeing what Black Mirror is all about.

7. The Society

The Society is another of the best series of a season of Netflix. The proposal is nothing of the other world, but if you want a youthful series without many complications, is ideal for you.

The situation is as follows: an American village which is basically a well-established neighbourhood of people, a high school excursion and a group of young people who, when they return to the village, discover that they have cut off the Internet and that the adults have disappeared.

It’s a hackneyed plot, but it’s clearly an entertaining series and its first season (we don’t know if there will be more) is seen in a jiffy, as it’s quite engaging.

8. Altered Carbon

And we end with this list of the best series of Netflix with one that is not especially short, but that is the most intense and its chapters (one hour) hook as little.

Altered Carbon is the series based on the novels Cabono Alterado by Richard K. Morgan and the ten episodes tell the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a soldier who returns from the dead to try to unravel the mysterious death of one of the richest people on the planet.

And we say ”come back from the dead”, although really people in that future cannot die because all their memories are stored in a capsule they have in the back of their neck. So, they can change bodies, or clone themselves, no problem, as they have a backup of themselves in case something happens.

Who can afford it clear. Although it is not a very deep series, it does make us think about whether that is the path we would like to take in the future. If you like the action, the thrillers and, above all, the aesthetics of Blade Runner, you’ll love it. He has a second season on the way, but with the first season he understands perfectly.

9. Love, Death & Robots

Premiered a few months ago, this is a series that offers independent chapters of about 20 minutes in length. Based on the most varied themes of genres such as science fiction, terror or even comedy. 18 chapters in which, a good part, have great quality, and even give cause for reflection.

10. The Kominsky Method

Created by the director of the recently completed The Big Bang Theory, in The Kominsky Method we find a dramatic comedy that delves into the difficulties of aging with dignity. A reflective series consisting of eight chapters with Michael Douglas in the cast.

11. Bodyguard

A British series that has given a lot to talk about and is available on Netflix, is ideal for a good weekend binge. Its plot speaks of political corruption, terrorism and a variety of topics that are able to keep us absorbed thanks to the intensity with which each episode unfolds.

12. Maniac

Another must-see production by Netflix that can be seen in an afternoon is this black comedy miniseries starring, no less, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. The plot focuses on clinical experiments, and both protagonists will have to rely on each other to find out what’s going on in this futuristic and intriguing plot.

13. Dark

This June is the second season of the film, and what better reason to catch up on this German production, similar to Stranger Things, which takes us into a town full of mysteries and secrets, with time travel and darkest characters.


With seven episodes of just a quarter of an hour each, this original Netflix series will make you laugh out loud. Comedy in small capsules, about two friends who share a rare job: a dominatrix and her assistant. Thus, they talk about self-esteem, social limits and taboos, always with a big joke.

15. Alias Grace

Although ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘ has been the most successful, it has not been the only series based on a novel by the writer Margaret Atwood. This six-part miniseries brings to the screen for the first time the story of Grace Marks, a famous murderer who still has shadows over her true guilt.

There are more series, but we believe that, currently, these are the 15 best series to see in an afternoon on Netflix. Some of you can see it in an afternoon and for others you will need a weekend, but what is clear is that they hook and only have one season, so you do not stay waiting for the second.