The Best Series With One Season On Netflix (Part I)

These are the best series with one season. If we do not have much time and we want a story that begins and ends in an afternoon, if possible. There are series for all tastes, and then we will see the best.

These last few weeks there have been some more or less heated ”discussions” about the quality of catalogues for platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime.

There are users who prefer one over the others, and without entering to value catalog, what is clear is that the amount of series in Netflix plays in favor of the platform. And it is that, there are many series of a season that can be seen in an afternoon, and we are going to see the best.

As we say, Netflix is a platform that, because of the amount of catalog available, has many series that can be seen at a given time if we are bored.

And, if we are bored and do not know what to see, or want a series to see in an afternoon if we do not have much time, there are ideal productions.

Netflix and chill!

The weekend arrives, and with it, the time to enjoy leisure in the free time. One of the best options after a week of exhausting work is to sit on the sofa and watch movies or series on television.

Next, we are going to review the best series of a season in Netflix that you can see in an afternoon. As we always say when we make this kind of lists, it’s totally subjective, but we’ve tried to cover all possible options.

  1. Sex Education
  2. Russian Doll
  3. Love, Death + Robots
  4. Quicksand
  5. The end of the f***ing world
  6. Black Mirror
  7. The Society
  8. Altered Carbon
  9. Love, Death & Robots
  10. The Kominsky method
  11. Bodyguard
  12. Maniac
  13. Dark
  14. BONDiNG
  15. Alias Grace

1. Sex Education

Of all the series that Netflix has released in recent months, Sex Education is one of the best. It’s fresh, fun and doesn’t have a very convoluted plot.

It’s perfect if what you’re looking for is just to entertain yourself over the weekend. Maybe it’s not a very flattering cover letter, but it’s still a good series.

It’s British and its eight chapters last about 45 minutes, being one of the best series to watch the tug on Netflix.

2. Russian Doll

If you want to see a series of Netflix pull, from a single season, one of the candidates is certainly Russian Doll. This is a series that has only eight episodes, each of about 25 minutes and, although not everyone liked it, if the first two hook you … you’ll see it in an afternoon.

Natasha Lyonne is the absolute protagonist of this strange story that tells us how Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha) is trapped in a time loop. On the day of her birthday, she dies and comes back, and that’s whatever she does. It may last a little longer, but death ends up finding her.

It’s a pretty clever series that has become one of Netflix’s best short series, and Lyonne comes out as the main character, scriptwriter and director of this series.

3. Love, Death + Robots

Another of the best short series to see on Netflix is Love, Death + Robots. Basically, it’s an anthology of Tim Miller and David Fincher stories that are created by computer or traditional animation.

It has 18 chapters with a duration from 5 to 25 minutes and, although some hit a low, hook that pleases. Basically, it is a series of stories, all independent of each other, which have in common (almost all) love and robots.

What they all share is death, in one way or another, as a theme. The animation is a real madness, both the one created by computer and the one generated with rotoscoping techniques, and it is one of the best short series of Netflix.

4. Quicksand

Quicksand is not the best Netflix series, but it is one that should be given a chance. It’s a Swedish series that starts just when there has been a shooting in a secondary school, and ”catch” the alleged author with her hands in the crowd.

When the trial begins, we begin to revive thanks to flashbacks which led the young woman to shoot her rifle. Why does a young woman belonging to a rich family end up like this? It’s not pleasant, and there are a couple of very, very, very hard moments, but it’s worth seeing what can lead some kids to commit such an atrocity.

There are only six chapters of about 45 minutes, and is one of the best series to see the pull on Netflix, as the plot thread is not bad at all.

5. The end of the f***ing world

It’s one of the best Netflix series to watch in one go. It is seen in an afternoon, literally, and although there is a second part confirmed, not having premiered you can finish the series in an afternoon, and a sitting.

He tells us the story of James, a young man who thinks he’s a psychopath, and Alyssa, who also has trouble connecting with people. One day they set out on a road trip that will take them where they never expected to end.

It’s one of the best series to see on Netflix. They are only 8 chapters of about 25 minutes in length. In an afternoon you have it done.

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