Fun And Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Game Of Thrones

Although you’re one of those few people who’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, it’s impossible not to hear about this monumental HBO production, which offers a unique mix of suspense, action, sex, blood and dragons. Fun And Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Game Of Thrones.

Whether you’re a fan of the series, or just among the curious ones who haven’t yet decided to watch it, here are some interesting and fun things you probably didn’t know about this cultural phenomenon and its protagonists.

Fun And Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Game Of Thrones

Dothraki Is A Real Language

In 2014, Living Language launched a conversational language course that allowed its participants to learn to speak like Khal Drogo in a short time.

The course was designed by linguist David J. Peterson, who worked with HBO to create the Dothraki language that is heard in the program.

You Can Learn Valyrian Through An App

Dothraki is not the only language that is part of this production, which has a real meaning.

The Duolingo language learning platform offers a class at High Valyrian, to enhance your experience of enjoying Game of Thrones, or simply to impress your friends.

Kit Harington Arrived At His Jon Snow Audition With A Black Eye

Fun And Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Game Of Thrones
Jon Snow.

The night before his audition, Kit Harington ended up at a McDonald’s late at night with his girlfriend.

Because it was crowded, they sat at a table with another couple, whom they did not know, but soon after, the man in front of them began to make rude comments towards the young woman.

Unfortunately, it was only after Harington stood up and challenged him that he realized how tall his opponent was.

“I was beaten,” Harington admitted, and he ended up with a black eye.

On the positive side, he thinks his damaged face is part of what got him the part. “I think the man who hit me in the face might be the one who helped me get this job,” he said in a video for W. Magazine. “So if you’re looking at me, thank you!

Daenerys Golden Hair Took Two Months To Create

Over the course of eight seasons, Game of Thrones has worn 12,137 wigs and hairpieces.

In one of the most intense labors, the color and style of the wig and extensions of the character played by Emilia Clarke, who in real life does not have golden hair, are the result of more than two months of testing and seven prototypes, before choosing the right one that would characterize Daenerys during the eight seasons.

Was Filmed In Ten Countries, Including Spain.

Over its eight seasons, Game of Thrones has been filmed in ten different countries. Including Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, the United States, Canada and Scotland.

Specifically in Ireland, 50 different locations have been used for different recordings and episodes.

In addition, Belfast, Northern Ireland, is home to Titanic Studios, which has six studios that hosted the filming of what happened inside iconic locations in the series, such as Winterfell, Castle Black, The Eyrie, Sky Cells, The Hall of Faces, the House of Black and White, the Great Sept of Baelor, the Great Pyramid of Meereen, and the Throne Room of King’s Landing.

As for Spain, it is difficult to conceive of the series without the iconic landscapes and castles used in the filming, which were the backdrop for the central scenes of this production.

Sansa Stark Adopted Her Direwolf ‘Lady’.

Fun And Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Game Of Thrones
Sansa Stark.

Sophie Turner adopted Zunni, the real name of the Northern Inuit dog that participated in the first season of the series as a giant direwolf wolf known as Lady.

“Growing up, I always wanted a dog, but my parents never wanted it,” Turner told Coventry Telegraph. “I fell in love with Lady on the set, and my mother convinced them to let us adopt her.

Targaryen Originally Had Violet Eyes

In the books, the Targaryen family members are notable for their silver hair and violet eyes.

During the shooting, Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen originally wore violet contact lenses. But later the directors decided that they had a negative impact on the actors’ ability to represent emotion.

Daenerys And Cersei Played Sarah Connor In ‘Terminator’.

This is not the first time that actresses playing Daenerys and Cersei meet science fiction characters on screen.

Emilia Clarke played a leading role alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genisys as Sarah Connor.

Interestingly, the same character was previously played by Cersei Lannister herself, Lena Headey, in the short television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Peter Dinklage Almost Rejects Tyrion Lannister’s Role

Fun And Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Game Of Thrones
Peter Dinklage.

Little giant Peter Dinklage shared the reason why, at first, he wasn’t sure he immediately accepted his role in Game of Thrones.

“I had doubts. Because of the fantasy genre, and I didn’t want a very long beard or pointy shoes,” said Dinklage.

The directors assured me of this character and this world wasn’t about. They told me about his complexity, the fact that my character was not a hero or a villain. But a womanizer and a drinker, and they painted a beautiful, defective portrait of him, so I signed up.

An Actor Revealed A Program Secret To Avoid A High-Speed Ticket

After swearing to secrecy about his fate in the sixth season, Harington, who plays John Snow, was forced to reveal it after being stopped driving his car.

The officer, who turned out to be a fan of the program, gave him two options. Pay a speeding ticket or tell him if Jon Snow would live or die in the next season.

Harington initially thought the man was joking, but after seeing that he was serious, he said, “I’m alive next season. To which the officer replied, “You can go now, Lord Commander.

Millions Of Photographs Were Taken

While the filming of this monumental production generated an incredible amount of moving video, if we are talking about static images, primary unit photographer Helen Sloan reported that she has taken almost one and a half million photos in total, during all seasons.