5 Theories Of What Will Happen In The Last Episode Of Game Of Thrones

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you don’t want to know NOTHING about the end, don’t read this article. We could predict what will happen. 5 Theories Of What Will Happen In The Last Episode Of Game Of Thrones.

Cersei is dead, but peace has not come. In the preview of the last episode of the season, we see Daenerys and his army in what appears to be a preparation for another battle. It seems that the men of the North are trapped. Grey Worm saw Jon try to stop the battle, so Jon could be accused of treason.

Maybe Jon will rebel against her and something terrible will happen. The truth is that he has lost his confidence in her, he has seen the horrors of war once again, so we don’t know what will happen… but we can do theories:

Jon Kills Daenerys

This is very likely to happen, considering the most recent events in the series.


However, it may not happen, but we don’t know yet. We don’t know where Jon will stand against Daenerys, as he doesn’t agree with what happened and she is now happy to have the power she wanted so badly.

The interesting thing would be to see how such a confrontation will take place and whether it will culminate with Jon being a regicide.

The seven kingdoms separate

If Jon kills Daenerys, chances are there is no Iron Throne and no regent to hold it all together.


Sansa could rule the north, Gendry Storm’s End, the Prince of Dorne that part of the kingdoms, and Edmure Tully the Twins and all the Riverrun.

Some believe that a kind of democracy will be established but that doesn’t sound very likely, considering the damage the Kingdoms have suffered and the need for order.

Jon will Die… Again


If the first thing doesn’t happen, Dany’s likely to kill Jon one way or another.

Maybe Jon will die in battle, burned by Drogon, or maybe even one of the few direct deaths Daenerys will do.

If that happens, there could be a rebellion in the future or an uncertain end for the Seven Kingdoms.

We do not know if Daenerys will regain her health and become a worthy ruler.

Tyrion Killed for Treason

If Jaime is not a prisoner, Daenerys will ask his whereabouts since he did not manage to kill Cersei directly.

Tyrion will confess and is likely to be killed, if not he has already decided to flee from King’s Landing. We did not know his fate.

Jon Goes North

If Dany wins and Jon doesn’t die, or if Jon kills Dany, anyway, it sounds poetic that Jon goes North as a way to deal with his sadness.

He’s a war-weary man, but we can’t predict exactly what will happen.

Are any of these things going to happen? Are we completely wrong? We’ll find out.

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