The 10 Mistakes That Make A Person NOT A Good Leader

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1. Lack of Ability to Organize Details

Every good leader must know how to organize and master all kinds of details.

The 10 Mistakes That Make A Person NOT A Good Leader

That person who can’t do this has one more point in the “I’m not a good leader” column.

When a leader presents himself as too busy to attend to plans or emergencies, he is also admitting his lack of efficiency.

Of course all this also means having the ability to pass on details to competent helpers.

2. Little Willingness to Render Humble Service

A good leader simply must be able to execute any type of work that would require another.

Something as simple as understanding that a good leader is not only an example to follow; he is also a source of knowledge to be acquired by others.

3. Expect a Reward for what they know rather than “what they do with what they know”.

It is very simple, a good leader is not considered such by what he knows, but rather by what he does with what he knows.

The world is full of people who are totally intelligent and full of knowledge; but those true leaders are the ones who were able to use all that knowledge and do something with it.

4. Fear of Competition from Followers

A leader who fears that at some point one of his followers may occupy his position will be sure that on some occasion this will happen.

A good leader knows how to increase the efficiency of others in order to induce them to perform better; without being afraid that generating that will become a danger.

Otherwise you would not be performing well as a leader.

5. Lack of Imagination

The 10 Mistakes That Make A Person NOT A Good Leader

Without imagination every leader is incapable of generating action plans or dealing with emergencies that can effectively guide followers.

Just in moments like these, all eyes go to the leader who must know how to react correctly to deal with any problem.

6. Selfishness

A leader who claims for himself all the honors of his followers’ work can be sure that at some point he will encounter constant resentment from them.

When someone follows a leader he does so because he feels identified with him; with his way of thinking and acting, therefore acting selfishly means breaking that important link in the chain of any leadership.

7. Intemperance

This means that the leader who breaks the temperament for any reason ends up generating discontent in others.

No one likes people who are extremely anxious; who lose nothing of their temperament or who suffocate people. Just to be a good leader you have to control this too well.

8. Disloyalty

Any leader who is not faithful to the trust placed in him by his followers will not last long as a leader.

We take up with this the sense that people who follow any leader do so because they feel identified with him; therefore being disloyal is one of the main reasons why many leaders stopped being disloyal.

9. Emphasis on Leadership Authority

The 10 Mistakes That Make A Person NOT A Good Leader

A good leader knows how to stimulate and induce people to be more effective rather than injecting fear into them.

Any leader who uses his position and abuses it through the emphasis of his authority is ceasing to be a leader and becoming a dictator.

10. Emphasis on the Title

A competent leader does not require any title to earn the respect of his followers. That person who always stresses this too much is because he doesn’t have much more to say.

The doors of a good leader are always open to all without the need to demand that people rise to the occasion.

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