Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use

Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use

Each and every one of us knows the wonders of aging well. That is, the skin matures as it should be, but remains in place, wrinkles are slow to appear or are not very marked, the smoothness is maintained, the skin still shines… It is a way to age well, without having to use surgery. Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use.

Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use
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To achieve this, most of us have been using creams that will help our skin remain stable, but not every time, we get right with the cream we should use.

That’s why, at How To Find, we will give you the best advice to choose the cream for your face according to your age.

Moisturizer, antioxidant serum or nutritive cream… We differentiate the needs of your skin according to your age as we don’t need the same thing during adolescence as when we reach menopause. You know what your skin needs right now? Find out!

With age, facial skin loses turgidity, elasticity and luminosity resulting in duller skin, with an irregular tone and, of course, signs of aging.

These signs become visible from the age of 30-35. But what about before? Do we have to take care of our skin? And what happens after 50? Do we need specific care? The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES.

Skin care has to be among our priorities; from the time we are teenagers and suffer from unwanted acne, to the menopause, where our skin needs another type of active ingredients.

For this reason it is necessary to remember that at each age it needs a specific care.

The Skin At The Age Of 20

Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use
The Skin At The Age Of 20.

Dermatologists agree: hydration is the key to healthy, luminous skin. So never let your skin get dehydrated. “Water equals youth”.

The first problem with aging is dehydration, so the more hydrated the skin, the longer it takes for the dreaded wrinkles to appear.

A good moisturizer applied daily is the best secret to keep skin young longer.

It is a widespread myth to think that oily skins (more typical of teenagers) are already sufficiently protected and that a moisturizing cream only contributes to bringing more fat to the skin.

All skin types become dehydrated, i.e. they lose the ability to retain water in the horny layer.

In dry skin, there is also a deficit or greater loss of fatty elements, which contributes to increased desiccation and symptoms. It is therefore very important to adapt the moisturizing treatment, with creams enriched with nourishing elements and enveloping textures for dry skin, and very fluid creams, with mattifying elements for combination or oily skin.

Another of the fundamental gestures to take care of your skin at the age of 20 is to clean it daily.

Eliminate every morning and night the remains of dirt that have accumulated on your face throughout the day.

Ah! And of course, do not ever lie down makeup, you will regret the next day…

Skin From The Age Of 35

Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use
Skin From The Age Of 35.

35 years is probably a turning point in your skin. You are still very young but there are certain signs of photo-aging that are becoming visible: lack of luminosity, spots, wrinkles and loss of elasticity are often visible prematurely on the skin.

Perhaps a moisturizer will fall short for your skin type.

This does not mean that since you used a moisturizer during your teenage years, your skin has become accustomed to it and no longer has any effect…

The skin does not get used to moisturizers, but it is true that their needs are changing depending on their age and the internal or external factors to which we subject it. That’s why, instead of “changing for” we like to “complement with”.

Water is essential, hydration must always be maintained, and other treatments must be added progressively, according to new needs.

Today, the extensive development of serum products allows us to carry out a complete and effective treatment, in a comfortable and simple way.

If we had to opt for just one, we would opt for an antioxidant serum as it will prevent premature aging, correct the visible signs of photo-aging (spots, wrinkles …) and protect your skin from the aggressions of the sun.

Look for one that has a high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients: vitamin C (15%), vitamin E, phloretin…

Skin From 55 Years Of Age

Tell Us How Old Are You And We Tell You What Facial Cream To Use
Skin From 55 Years Of Age.

During menopause there are substantial changes in our skin.

When this vital stage of women begins, what we see is an aging called hormonal.

What is produced is a thinning of the skin. Specifically, both the outer layer and the inner layer are tuned.

The consequence is that, for example, when we touch our skin we notice that it is less dense.

This results in our skin sagging, we lose the definition of the facial oval.

And on the other hand, we begin to have a process of desiccation of the skin. That is to say, with age, our skin dries out.

It is therefore key to adapt our cosmetic care. If we begin to notice the lack of nutrition, we must use products enriched in nutritious active ingredients.

On the contrary, if we already begin to notice the lack of firmness and sagging, we must use products that help us counteract these effects on our skin.

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