Top 5 Best Hosting Companies

You want to set up your website but you don’t know where to host it? That’s great! Because it means you care about choosing the right site and not uploading it to the first one you see. Continue reading to discover the Top 5 Best Hosting Companies.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled the top 5 hosting providers you can hire.

Because hosting your online business on the right site is the difference between starting off on the right foot and getting off on the wrong foot.

And there’s nothing worse for any business than starting with a bad decision… And much more on the Internet!

What must a hosting service offer to be considered quality?

Top 5 Best Hosting Companies

It would be easier for us to tell you which are the best hosting providers under our criteria.

But that is not our style because this is a very important choice… In fact, it can be the one that marks if your web page is successful or if it fails before even starting.

That’s why it’s vital for us that you know what makes a hosting worthy of hosting your business online… And it’s these features:

– Stability.

A website must be accessible 356 days a year, 24 hours a day, so a server that goes down every few days is not an option.

– Committed to speed.

If there is something that search engines and visitors alike are looking for, it is for your site to load as quickly as possible, and for that, hosting plays a very important role.

– A very good technical support.

That means to be available 24/7 and to be able to solve any incidence that happens in the smaller possible time.

– It is safe.

Both in terms of preventing attacks from hackers and making backups of your website.

– With cutting-edge technology.

At the speed that this sector is advancing, it is not an option to hire a hosting whose characteristics are obsolete.

– That adapts to you.

Offering you different packages depending on what you need at each moment (a more basic one at the beginning and, as you grow, increasing in features).

– Easy to use

Having installers for WordPress and being intuitive saves a lot of time and in this world, that’s gold.

With these requirements, it is very difficult to make a bad choice.

So let’s take a look at the analysis and features of the top 5 hosts.

Top 5 Best Hosting Companies

1. HostGator

Top 5 Best Hosting Companies

One of the “giants” in the hosting market. They have been offering their services for many years and present themselves as a company that offers quality at a low price.

As most of the companies, HostGator has technical assistance, but in this case you will have to know English since it is in this language that they will attend your questions.

Although this doesn’t have to be a problem since there are many forums where many of the users’ doubts are solved.

2. Bana Hosting

It could be considered as “low cost” hosting as it has quite affordable price plans for the features they offer.

User feedback is positive, both in terms of server speed and technical support.

3. Raiola Networks

Spanish company that offers quality hosting at affordable prices.

They have focused on offering good prices and services to clients such as agencies and resellers.

They specialize in WordPress

4. Arvixe

Company founded in 2003 and located in the USA. It offers technical assistance service in English.

You have personalized plans for Windows and Linux operating systems and all of them incorporate a $100 voucher to apply in advertising campaigns on Google Adwords.

5. Blue Host

Another American “monster” and with a very good reputation since it was one of the first to offer unlimited space, data transfer, email accounts and subdomains (something that today is in the plans of many companies).

It has video-tutorials to help and support users when they need it.