BC Vault, The Physical Wallet Designed For The Storage Of Cryptocurrencies

The device aims to meet the highest safety standards, while its operation is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Users of the different digital coins require safe mechanisms to keep their digital assets safe. Which is why many companies design products and services with cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of people within this ecosystem. They focus on security when storing, transferring and receiving crypto coins.

BC Vault, The Physical Wallet Designed For The Storage Of Cryptocurrencies
BC Vault, The Physical Wallet

Although there are many apps for mobile devices with high security mechanisms, the community agrees that the safest way to store crypto coins is in a physical wallet.

These devices offer the advantage that your funds remain in a device that is not permanently connected to the Internet. Making it less vulnerable to hacking and security breaches.

In this regard, today we present BC Vault. A physical wallet with properties and features that make it a good choice for those who want to trade digital currencies.

Some facts about the company

BC Vault is a developer of solutions and products for crypto storage based in Slovenia.

The company dates back to 2014 and has a track record in hardware design for digital coins. It is currently under the direction of Dmitry Fedotov and its most prestigious product is the BC Vault physical wallet, one of the most secure and reputable of its kind.

According to information published by the research agency Coinfunda.com, the BC Vault wallet ranks fifth in a list that includes the 27 safest and most versatile hardware for the storage of crypto coins. It has state-of-the-art security mechanisms, as well as a fairly intuitive design and interface. It is very user-friendly for users who have no experience with this type of products.

About the BC Vault wallet

BC Vault, The Physical Wallet Designed For The Storage Of Cryptocurrencies
BC Vault

In relation to the BC Vault wallet, it is a hardware for the storage, reception and sending of crypto coins, which has the latest technology that makes it virus-proof and hackers that aim to steal the articles.

It uses a storage medium called ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM), so it can be used safely and quickly.

The device handles an encrypted copy of the information on a Micro SD card and is CE and RoHS certified.

The device has the possibility for the user to create up to 2,000 different vaults for the digital coins it supports. Allowing the use of a different access code for each one.

In addition, it can also operate with different browsers (Firefox / Chrome / Safari / Opera / Internet Explorer) and supports eight major digital coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin), incorporating in turn the extensive catalog of tokens ERC-20 currently existing.

Opening the product

BC Vault, The Physical Wallet Designed For The Storage Of Cryptocurrencies

The product is stored in a box that has a security sticker. It is the guarantee that it is an original product distributed by the company BC Vault.

Once the package is opened, the user will find the corresponding hardware (with a 1GB microSD card), a USB connection cable type C and an instruction manual containing some recommendations for people operating the device for the first time.

As an additional security measure, the user should note that there is a sticker protecting the USB connector of the device. This measure ensures that the hardware was not previously used.

Configuring the device

Once checked that the package contains all of the above, the user should remove the sticker from the USB connector and connect the device to their computer.

After doing this, the person should shake the device until the percentage bar pointing to the screen is complete, which will allow the hardware to generate the security codes necessary for its operations.

Then, disconnect the device and go to the web page indicated in the instructions (www.bc-vault.com/first). Proceed to download the drivers necessary to install the program in the computer (available for iOS, Windows and Android).

Once the corresponding drivers have been downloaded, the user must complete the installation process.

Once the process is finished, connect the device again to the computer and open the desktop application that was installed. There we can access the BC Vault by clicking on the icon of the padlock.

Important Note: For this moment it is not necessary to enter any type of password. This can be done later.

Once inside, the device will ask us to update and install the latest firmware version. Once this is done, we will be able to configure the security elements to keep our assets safe:

Important!!! The device asks us for a password that we must use whenever we want to access our funds. We must not forget it under any circumstances.

Additionally, the user will have to introduce a new sequence using the directional buttons of the device, which will be requested together with the password at the time of doing any operation.

It is of vital importance not to forget either the password or the combination. Otherwise the crypto currencies deposited in the hardware will be completely inaccessible.

Using BC Vault

BC Vault, The Physical Wallet Designed For The Storage Of Cryptocurrencies

Once the above has been done, we will be able to operate the BC Vault device from our computer.

At the beginning, we will find that the device will be configured only to accept operations with Bitcoin. So, if we want to expand the catalog of digital coins we must click on the button in the upper right corner that says “More” and then click on the option “Add more”.

There we can indicate the digital currency that we want to add. We can choose Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin.

Once the crypto currency has been selected, we can set a password to ensure this address. Which, like the device’s, we must not forget under any circumstances.

Once this is done, the new crypto currency will be added to the list of options in the top bar. We can alternate between the different options enabled, see our balances and their equivalent value in the reference currency we want (yen, yuan, euros, USD or rubles).

We can also configure among the options the number of confirmations that we want to implement before processing a transaction. Also notifications in case the commissions exceed certain margins.

Finally, the user can also activate or deactivate the BCDaemon. Allowing them to use their BC Vault device through the browser to make transactions through different websites.