YouTube Originals Will Become Free To Watch For Everyone

The Mountain View company, YouTube, has been trying for some time to get users to pay for their original content. YouTube Originals Will Become Free To Watch For Everyone!

YouTube Originals Will Become Free To Watch For Everyone
YouTube Videos.

And if for any reason the streaming video platform is successful -among other things- it’s because of its ‘freemium’ model with skipable video ads.

And now it seems that they have realized this and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, they will act accordingly: all their content, free for everyone from next year (2020), while maintaining the payment options for music.

YouTube has been doing some Original Content

Not in Spain, but in the United States the Mountain View company has been doing some original content.

Own productions in the style of Netflix, although using -in some cases- its content creators.

Cobra Kai is a spin-off of Karate Kid, for example, and is one of its exclusive contents, as is Step Up: High Water, one of the various films in this dance series.

If you want to watch it, right now there’s no choice but to become a YouTube Premium subscriber. However, as we were advancing, YouTube seems to have given up on this attempt and will offer its original content for free from next year.

The Netflix strategy doesn’t work for YouTube, its original contents will be free from 2020.

YouTube Originals Will Become Free To Watch For Everyone
YouTube Originals.

Netflix is based exclusively on the subscription model, and can defend it against alternatives with its original and exclusive content.

However, Mountain View’s company does not seem to have been successful in this attempt.

It is also true that, according to the information we have, YouTube has a budget of a few hundred million dollars for the creation of its own productions, while Netflix and Amazon spend several billion dollars on the same.

The results are there for all to see, and subscriptions are not working for YouTube.

A few days ago we learned that YouTube had started offering free movies, but obviously taking advantage of them through video ads.

And now, trying to reach a wider audience, they will do exactly the same with their own productions, serving them for free and ‘scratching’ them through advertising.

This will not only benefit users with the availability of content, but also advertisers and creators.

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