How To Make Money With Instagram

Want to learn how to make money on Instagram? Because of so many questions I get asked about how to monetize a social media strategy, I want to advise you on a number of Apps and ways to monetize Instagram. The fastest growing social network in recent years.

This kind of activity is relatively new. Not many years ago people were not able to make money with Instagram. But now all this is the order of the day.

There are many accounts on Instagram which live expressly from the income generated by this social network.

Not only that, but more and more people are joining this trend and more are monetizing Instagram.

However, you have to be careful what strategies you use so Instagram don’t block your account.

Let’s get to the point! Let’s see how you make money on Instagram.

Requirements for monetizing Instagram

How To Make Money With Instagram
How To Make Money With Instagram?

The first thing to see before knowing how to monetize Instagram, is to meet the conditions and if not, look for how to get them.

For example, one set of features that an account must have in order to make money with Instagram is:

Having followers. Not only is creating an account on Instagram, but you should have a minimum number of followers to start monetizing Instagram.

In most cases, but not all, having less than 10k followers will be quite difficult to monetize.

Real and segmented trackers. In order to make money with Instagram, it is important that your followers are not fake and are highly segmented: country, hobby, taste, etc.

Have a continuous activity. Every Instagram account must be active in order to make money with it.

In case of low follower interaction, monetization will be practically impossible.

Have a high reach. Reach is the most basic thing to know about the performance of an Instagram page. If it is very low, monetization should not be an issue.

To monetize Instagram it is recommended to have a minimum weekly profile visit of 1k and an average reach per post of 5k users.

How to make money with Instagram

There are many ways you can learn how to make money with Instagram. But, I want to show you the ways I think are the most reliable:

1. Mentioning or Tagging Other Instagram Accounts

Try to mention in the publications we make other Instagram accounts for which we get paid.

This is usually done in packages, i.e. we negotiate naming or labeling a brand/page on Instagram for X weeks or months in several publications.

This form of monetization of Instagram is mostly done through no-money-object partnerships and serves to advertise accounts to each other.

On larger accounts (+10k followers) it is also often priced as compensation.

2. Publish affiliate product ads

One of the most common strategies you should know about to make money with Instagram is affiliate marketing.

This way of monetizing Instagram is to affiliate with brands with whom you can offer their products in exchange for a commission per sale.

There are many affiliate programs like:

  • Zalando
  • Commission Junction
  • Zanox
  • TradeDoubler

3. Performing Instagram Shopping


How to make money with Instagram Shopping? Instagram Shopping is new to Instagram but now gives you the chance to make a store on Instagram.

Many people now don’t go shopping on eBay but they go directly to their favorite Instagram account and buy directly from them.

Take advantage of this trend by selling your products on Instagram.

4. Posting Links or Branded Ads

This form of monetization is widely used on Instagram. Many Instagramers offer their accounts to advertise branded posts.

The brands pay them a fee for each publication that mentions their respective brand or advertises one of their products. We can connect with brands in two ways:

A) By contacting platforms that put us in touch with brands

With this we avoid all the procedures of search and negotiation, since we find a middleman who does this work.

These platforms will offer us the campaign and the profit, and we would only have to publish the post at the time they indicate.

B) Contacting directly with companies that may be interested

This point has quite a bit of searching and bargaining going on. Your job will be to contact Instagram accounts who want to promote themselves on your profile, either by posting in the stories or in the news feed.

5. Post Facebook Ads on Instagram

Instagram provides us with a platform called Audience Network. Perfect for getting paid traffic and converting it into revenue.

But how do you make money with Instagram this way? It’s a way to reach our audience very efficiently so you can promote your own or your affiliates’ products and make a profit.

This way is not free, but you pay to advertise on Instagram. But the results will be immediate and your investment in time will be less.

It’s ideal for accounts that are just starting out or for accounts that want to push themselves to get customers.

6. Posting ads for a CPA (cost per action) company

How To Make Money With Instagram
How To Make Money With Instagram?

It works in a very similar way to affiliate programs. But in this case you get money in case the user performs an action.

That is, when the client clicks on the link or makes other types of actions (registrations, etc.) the CPA company pays us for that client.

In addition to the affiliate programs already mentioned in point 3 above, which some also perform CPA, add the following:

  • Cpawild
  • Toroadvertising
  • CPAGrip
  • FactorAds
  • Adstrology

7. Send traffic to your own monetized blog with CPC, CPA or CPM

Another very valid option to monetize Instagram is to send traffic to a blog. This blog would be monetized with Google Adsense advertising or other forms of blog monetization.

Many people make a living this way, earning more than five figures.

How do I make money with Instagram if I send low traffic to my blog? There are many blogs that pay Instagram accounts with many followers to capture their traffic in a paid way – paying between £0.01 and £0.10 per click (about £50 for 50,000 clicks).

8. Send traffic to your own monetized VideoBlog with CPM (YouTube, etc)

As in the previous case, we can send the traffic to a platform that pays us for the visits. In this case with YouTube or another VideoBlogging competitor.

9. Sell the account to another person or brand

And how do you make money on Instagram if you don’t want to work it? The answer is easy: sell it.

In order to sell it at the right price, you must take care of your audience, your activity, your reach, and above all, expose all this information to the buyer so that he trusts that you don’t want to cheat.

You can sell your Instagram account with prices from $1 per 1,000 fans to a maximum of 50 cents on the Likes (depending on the scope of the account).

You should consider all these options I have given you. Instagram has been the successor to Facebook in terms of giving many people a chance to make money with a social network.