Powerful Ideas For Bonding With Your Children

During the first months and even years of our children’s lives, the attachment is very great. Babies need us for practically everything: eating, bathing, playing or walking. Powerful Ideas For Bonding With Your Children.

As children grow older, many parents think that their children are moving away from them because they no longer have that big dependence.

However, the connection with the children must be independent of the age or the necessities that they have, it is something for all the life.

Powerful Ideas For Bonding With Your Children

The connection with a child is forever. Although it must be encouraged, nurtured and stimulate. It is enough to carry out some or all of these simple actions:

Powerful Ideas For Bonding With Your Children
  1. Speaking and listening. Communication and dialogue are one of the pillars of the family bond.
  2. Play. Go out to the park. Enjoy board games, sit on the floor with them and teach us how they play with their toys… in short, be a bit of a child and enjoy leisure activities with children.
  3. Save time. Work and obligations make time with children too much, but reserving certain moments, although small, just for them is fundamental.
  4. Read. If the child can read now you can sit down so that it is he who reads aloud a story and you are his audience.
  5. Physical contact. Hugs, kisses and caresses is a custom that we should not lose as the child grows.
  6. Singing and dancing. This is an activity that we can do at home and that stimulates contact and attachment. It amuses children and adults and creates a climate of happiness.
  7. Eating and cooking. Eating as a family educates and unites. If we also get involved with them to prepare different dishes they will learn not only about food but also about the value of collaborating at home.
  8. Travelling. You don’t have to take a plane and go on holiday to the other side of the world. A small family excursion is a unique moment that connects us with our children.
  9. Learning. You can also learn from children. They can teach us a multitude of things and when they know they are doing it, they will feel proud and will want to repeat it.
  10. Teach. Whether it’s bicycling or homework. Any teaching we pass on to our children will be a valuable legacy to them that will strengthen the bond and connection between parents and children.

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