10 Ideas For A Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is the perfect excuse to reunite with your friends, give yourself a sweet treat and receive gifts that will be very useful to your baby. 10 Ideas For A Perfect Baby Shower.

10 Ideas For A Perfect Baby Shower
Baby Shower Party.

In this party, you can not miss the cookies, cupcakes, decoration and games … If you are planning your baby shower, watch out for these ideas!

Organizing a baby shower can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to food preparation and decoration. Baby showers have it all!

  • Original cupcakes
  • Funny rubber ducks
  • Surprisingly decorated biscuits
  • Signature books for guests…

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1. Guest signature book

Prevents the guest signature book from being the typical classic and boring.

Welcome them in a different way. Make their signatures and congratulations a small work of art.

For example, you you can have a mural of notes in the form of bodys hanging with tweezers. So your friends’ messages will be much more special.

2. Original bouquets of flowers

Have you been invited to a baby shower and do not know what gift to make?

Do you want something that is useful and practical? Try to give the mom something she’ll use, like:

  • Bibs
  • Wipes
  • Nappies

Wrap them so they look like a bouquet. Roll them up and intersperse them with other decorations to create a beautiful bouquet – it’s sure to be the most original bouquet you’ve ever been given!

3. Healthy snacks

Baby Shower Party.

Do you want your party to have something edible, original and healthy? Then opt for fruits or vegetables. Their shapes, colors and flavors will allow you to create appetizers like:

  • Skewers
  • Fountains

You can shaped a watermelon like a baby carriage. It is an ideal option to offer as a centerpiece to your guests:

  • Cut the top of a watermelon to make the shape of the basket,
  • empties all the flesh of the watermelon
  • fill the gap with your favorite fruits.

Here are some delicious and healthy snacks.

4. And now, a little candy!

The sweets that can’t be missing in any precious baby shower are the ones we call pop-themed. Don’t you know what we mean?

  • Pop-corns
  • Cakepops
  • Lollipop…

It’s a fun theme and gives a lot of itself when it comes to decorating. Your most greedy guests will be more than delighted!

5. Cocktails for everyone

The fact that the party is dedicated to the baby on the way and to the pregnant mother does not mean that the guests cannot enjoy good cocktails without alcohol.

There are hundreds of blogs that will give you recipes to toast with all your friends.

A thousand and one ideas to prepare homemade cocktails without a drop of alcohol and therefore, with fewer calories and without harming anyone’s health. But best of all, they’re great!

6. Fun Drinks

Forget the boring old cups or glasses. It’s time to innovate and what better place than your baby shower party to do it.

As we show you in the image to include your cocktails without alcohol or soft drinks in a few glasses imitating bottles, it is a tip! Although there are also many more possibilities…

7. Rubber ducklings

It Is A Boy!

What’s more adorable and sweet than a rubber duck?

  • Make sure the ducklings you buy can float.
  • Put them in the bowl you’ve prepared for the punch or the drink,
  • Simulates a blue color in the liquid.

This idea can also be used for a fun and original centerpiece.

  • Fill a bowl with water,
  • Add some ice and your rubber duckies to the surface.


8. Dress Up Your Guests

Do you plan to reveal your baby’s sex in your baby shower? You can play with the guests to make them guess.

  • When your friends arrive at the party, ask them what they think the baby’s sex is.
  • A fun way is to choose either a woman’s lips or a mustache.
  • Depending on the complement they choose, they will be saying their opinion.
  • When the time comes to give the big news, you can reward those who are right with a special gift.

9. Forbidden to say… “baby”!

This fun game is very typical of baby showers.

When your guests arrive at the party put a pin decorated with a diaper, for example, and tell them that they can not pronounce the word “baby” throughout the party.

When someone hears someone else say this word, they’ll steal the pin and win whoever gets the most pins. It can be a lot of fun!

10. The big news

Baby Shower Party.

There are dozens of ways to publicize the sex of the baby in your baby shower but one of the most beautiful is to do it by filling a box of balloons and let them fly in the wind to open it.

  • Put in a box a lot of balloons choosing the colors you want, for example, pink balloons if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy.
  • Then close the box and decorate it on the outside.
  • When you see that all the guests have arrived at the party it’s time to open the box.
  • Make sure you have your camera close by to capture this hilarious, Instagram-worthy moment!

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