The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump, Why Now And Not Before?

Finally we come to the point of no return, and for what? The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump, Why Now And Not Before?

Donald Trump has committed countless irregularities since coming to office. All this have called into question his ability to govern under the rules and regulations of the U.S. Constitution.

The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump, Why Now And Not Before
Statue of Liberty.

He has imprisoned thousands of migrants seeking refuge and asylum in the United States in detention centres. Calling them ‘animals’, ‘criminals’ and ‘bad people’, in violation of their most basic human rights.

He has separated thousands of young children from their families, subjecting them to situations of torture, mistreatment and abuse. Some have died in the custody of U.S. authorities for lack of medical care, dehydration and other unjustifiable reasons.

The U.S. president’s list of daily lies has crossed all boundaries, without consequence. His constant public attacks on the media and its critics have created a dangerous climate of intolerance, racism and hatred.

One of his followers sent bombs to opposing journalists and politicians; others have issued death threats against his critics.

Racism and xenophobia have proliferated dangerously in the United States during his tenure.

Why Now And Not Before?

The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump, Why Now And Not Before
American Flag.

The U.S. president has used the power of the presidency to promote his own business. Using hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds to travel to his private properties to play golf.

He has also held events at his properties and has generated millions of dollars from foreign governments and businessmen. All of them who have used his properties for their events and/or private visits.

In short, Trump’s levels of corruption are so high that the public has lost count. His corruption and erratic and questionable behavior are so common – in addition to a daily bombardment of threats, hatred and insults on his Twitter – that they have normalized in public discourse. Everything is so irrational that it has become normal.

For example, several members of his cabinet were forced to resign after their corrupt or irregular acts became public. The conflicts of interest of his advisors and secretaries are notorious, in addition to his open nepotism.

His daughter Ivanka and her multi-millionaire husband Jared Kushner are White House advisers, although they lack credentials or political experience. However, this almost goes unnoticed because we are inundated with other distracting Trump follies.

And none of that was enough to lift the Democrats’ spirits over a political trial, or “impeachment”. Not even Robert Mueller’s famous investigation into #Russiagate, the alleged conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and Russia to achieve his electoral victory.

The two-year investigation collapsed when Mueller could find no evidence of any crime committed by Trump, although several of his advisors and collaborators were convicted of crimes involving perjury, bribery and corruption.

The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump

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Man holding the USA flag.

After the failure of #Russiagate, Trump felt strong and vindicated. He thought he was invincible and untouchable, on the right track to win re-election in 2020 without much competition.

The Democrats, weakened and discredited, could not cope with the American president. Their media power dominates not only public opinion in the United States, but also in the world. And as Trump himself has said, “he could kill someone on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen to him”.

But sometimes, when one feels so invincible and untouchable, it is precisely when one enters a moment of vulnerability, an instant of self-deception.

Trump, feeling victorious after the failure of the Mueller investigation, called Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to ask ‘a favor’. As ‘The Godfather’ did, the president proposed to Zelensky ‘an offer that cannot be rejected’.

Thus, he fired his gun on Fifth Avenue, shooting his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. In exchange for the sale of military equipment and millions of dollars in financial assistance, Trump suggested to the Ukrainian president to reopen an investigation against his main political opponent.

The brand-new Trump implied by phone to the new Ukrainian president that it would be good if he investigated Biden and his son, who had done lucrative business in Ukraine a few years ago.

He also suggested reinvestigating an already disproved conspiracy theory about the Democratic Party and the hacking of its mails during the presidential campaign in 2016. Both requests are totally out of place in a conversation between heads of state.

However, the U.S. president wanted to reactivate that investigation, thinking it could weaken his main adversary’s election campaign for the 2020 presidential election.

The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump, Why Now And Not Before?

For Donald Trump, asking a colleague for a personal favor is not uncommon.

The thing is, as head of state, there are rules and regulations that prevent such corrupt practices. The problem with the U.S. president is that he thinks none of that applies to him and his mandate. So when a CIA whistle-blower reported the strange and disturbing call. Trump admitted what he had done and said it was ‘perfect’.

In his mind, he had done nothing wrong or incorrect. Because, he has always worked that way, outside the law and with its own rules.

This time, however, his actions seem to have crossed the red line as he entered a field of no return. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the start of a impeachment suit against Trump for betraying the homeland and the Constitution.

Why Now And Not Before?

Pelosi was reluctant to do so earlier, when Trump was torturing migrant children or applauding neo-Nazis. Nor did he want to act while the plague of corruption grew like a contagious infection in almost the entire presidential cabinet.

Nor did he do anything when Trump daily promoted hatred against anyone who raised their voices to criticize him.

Thus, the ‘impeachment’ was launched when Trump touched one of his own: a prince of the Democratic establishment.

Former Vice President Biden leads the polls for the 2020 presidential campaign a year from now. He is the political figure with the best chance of defeating Trump at the polls (according to the ‘experts’).

Trump knows this and that’s why he wants to neutralize it. The Democratic establishment knows that the president can use his power to destroy Biden. So, he could do it against any of them.

The Beginning Of The Impeachment Against Trump

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore

There are multiple reasons for a political trial against Donald Trump. But, the Democrats did not move a finger until they were touched in the heart. Finally, the process is more important than the reason for initiating it.

The U.S. president has broken the law. He has abused his power to try to destroy a domestic political adversary.

He has requested support from a foreign government for his election campaign. And he has publicly admitted it.

The ‘impeachment‘ show is just beginning and will surely be as much fun as it is disgusting. The result is easy to predict. Trump will be ‘impeached’ – found guilty – but Democrats will also lose credibility and legitimacy.

His tardiness is evidence of his cowardice and ambition. They did not act to defend the people. They acted to defend one of their own.

Once again, the American people are the big loser in the political game. Trump only defends their interests and other politicians only protect their own.

There is no one who defends the people in American politics. We will continue without an accessible health care system. We will continue to mourn the slaughter of our children in their schools. With tens of thousands of homeless, desperate people on the streets.

And we will continue the growing inequality that divides and destroys our society.