New European Debacle Of Barça And Farewell To The Champions League

The history of Rome was repeated and Barça was left without end of Champions.

New European Debacle Of Barça And Farewell To The Champions League

Unexplainable debacle of the Barcelona Football Club before a Liverpool that was superior from beginning to end and that overwhelmed to a Barça that attended impotent to one of the greater humiliations of its history.

Despite the warnings in the previous after what happened a year ago, the Barcelona Football Club fell with noise and are left without end and without triplet. Two goals from Origi and two from Winjaldum worked the miracle ‘red’ and turned the dream of Barcelona into a new nightmare.

Valverde opted for the same starting eleven of the Camp Nou, with Sergi Roberto in lateral, Arturo Vidal in the middle and Coutinho up in an alleged 4-3-3 that in practice became a 4-4-2 in which the Brazilian completed the center of the field.

And the script of the match reminded too much of the first half at the Camp Nou. The Barcelona Football Club suffered running after the ball and because of the constant siege of Liverpool.

Klopp wanted Anfield to score the first goal and so it was.

The Barcelona Football Club came out, nervous, fearful and a frightened point. A mistake by Alba at the start of the match led to Liverpool’s first goal.

The Barcelona Football Club lateral gave the ball to Mané, who assisted Henderson. Ter Stegen stopped the captain’s shot, but Origi chased the rebound and scored 1-0. Only six minutes had passed and Liverpool were already winning.

Barça were not comfortable and the goal left the Barcelona Football Club even more stunned.

New European Debacle Of Barça And Farewell To The Champions League

In the early stages of the match Barça did not look like Barça. Lost too many balls, abused the long ball and fatigued excessively chasing Liverpool players.

The only one who seemed at ease in the heat of battle was an Arturo Vidal. He held the team in the most delicate moments.

Although Liverpool kept on attacking with bursts and making the Barcelona Football Club suffer. With the passing of the minutes Barça regained their breath and even had clearer chances than the English to score.

Messi was left with a dribble when the goal was already being sung and Alisson stopped a shot by Coutinho. A couple of scares to warn Liverpool, but not enough to placate the momentum ‘network’.

The English kept attacking again and again, although on the only clear occasion Ter Stegen deflected Henderson’s shot.

Barça had fallen into the game Liverpool wanted

New European Debacle Of Barça And Farewell To The Champions League

There was no control and Barça had fallen into the game Liverpool wanted, from one goal to the other. In that exchange of blows, they were about to mark Messi on the edge of rest and Jordi Alba in the last play of the first half.

The tone of the match did not change after the break. Suarez and Van Dijk had a clear chance in every goal that disrupted Alisson and Ter Stegen.

And then came the Barcelona Football Club disaster. In just three minutes Wijnaldum, who had just entered, scored two goals.

The first goal came after a new misguided Alba and in the second head anticipated the Barcelona rearguard.

There was a half to go and Liverpool had done the hard part. Valverde reacted by giving Semedo in and sent an inoperative Coutinho to the bank.

The comeback had left the Barcelona Football Club very touched and seemed closer to the fourth of Liverpool than the reassuring goal of Barça.

Messi proved it of lack, this time without fortune, and shortly after it ran into Alisson after a good combination with Rakitic.

The entry of Semedo and Arthur

New European Debacle Of Barça And Farewell To The Champions League

When it seemed that Barça regained some control after the entry of Semedo and Arthur, Origi again anticipated the rear Barcelona Football Club in a corner and surpassed Ter Stegen to the inexplicable passivity of Barcelona players.

Anfield burst with joy and collapsed the Barcelona Football Club, paralyzed, unable to react to a rival that was passing over them.

The nightmare of Rome was repeated. As were the heavy defeats in Paris or Turin. The fourth goal was the spitting image of impotence.

There were only a few minutes left. But there were no symptoms of reaction between the Barcelona Football Club. They attacked more with their heart than with their head.

Time ran out without even generating a clear chance to dream of a new ‘Iniestaly’. Liverpool, deservedly, will be in the final of Wanda.

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