Micellar Water: Know All Its Benefits

Micellar Water: Know All Its Benefits

The properties of this relatively new product will help you maintain a youthful and healthy appearance. Micellar Water: Know All Its Benefits.

Micellar Water Know All Its Benefits
Skin Care.

The benefits of micellar water are many and varied.

Whether as a simple make-up remover or as a long-term cosmetic, its properties will help you maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

The so-called micellar water is a solution of molecules (micelles) that act like a magnet on the skin attracting dirt.

In recent years they have become the star product of celebrities thanks to their multiple benefits.

To apply the micellar water you will only need to impregnate it with cotton and pass it gently over the skin, without the need to press or rinse.

Your skin will look better if you apply micellar water twice a day: once in the morning to cleanse your face and once in the evening to remove make-up.

If you haven’t opted for this cosmetic yet, read on to learn more about the benefits of micellar water:

1. A good Make-up Remover

Micellar water has become one of the most popular make-up removers in recent years.

Its components will help you get rid of make-up in a simple way without damaging your face.

Forget about alcohol-based cosmetics that dry out the skin and take advantage of this benefit of micellar water.

2. Deep Cleaning

The main benefit of micellar water is the cleansing of the face.

Not only as a make-up remover, washing your face every day with micellar water will improve your appearance by eliminating dead cells and improving the effectiveness of any cosmetic treatment you are going to use afterwards.

3. Does not Irritate the Skin

Micellar Water Know All Its Benefits
Skin Care.

Jean-Noël Thorel, founder of Bioderma, created micellar solutions for skin cleansing in hospital burn units.

That is why another of the most important benefits of micellar water is that it does not harm the skin, ideal for all those with sensitive or atopic skin.

4. Tones the Skin

In addition to its multiple benefits as a cleanser, micellar water also helps strengthen the torso skin.

The micelles, properties of this tonic, act as magnets that balance the pH of the skin, toning it almost immediately.

5. A Refreshing Tonic

Thanks to its non-irritating benefits, micellar water can be used at any time of day as many times as you need.

That’s why micellar water has become a star product that helps to refresh the face and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.

6. Delay the Appearance of Wrinkles

This benefit of micellar water is the sum of many of the above.

By keeping the skin free of impurities, toned and, above all, hydrated, the small wrinkles that annoy so much will take longer to come out.

However, as long as the micellar water is used constantly.

7. No Need for Rinsing

Micellar water can be presumed to be one of the few complete cosmetics that do not leave the skin with an oily sensation.

In addition, another benefit of micellar water is that it does not need to be rinsed so removing make-up or cleansing your face will be much faster.

We also tell you 10 good uses of micellar water for your skin that you didn’t know yet, take note and make the most of it!

Micellar Water Know All Its Benefits
Micellar Water: Know All Its Benefits.

1. Micellar water is a make-up remover suitable for all skin types.

2. Its success lies in removing make-up, capturing dirt and sebum from the skin in a single gesture.

3. After use, your skin doesn’t need lightening, but you do need to finish your beauty routine with your usual moisturizer.

4. You can apply it in the morning with some cottons before applying makeup, its properties act as magnets that balance the PH and tone the skin.

5. At night, use it to remove make-up from your face, moisturize and tone your skin.

Don’t forget to then apply your serum and nourishing cream – the results are amazing!

6. Its use is indicated for make-up all over the face, also the lips and the delicate eye area, even with waterproof make-up formulas.

Wet a cotton ball with your micellar water and let it act on the eyelashes, without making pressure or rubbing, it only takes a few seconds to remove the makeup.

7. Micellar water is an excellent ally for dull and tired skin. It helps to regain vitality and gives the face more radiance.

8. Skin with redness usually reacts very well to micellar water. This product is a classic in pharmacies for its soothing action, which acts both as a beauty tonic, without the risk of irritating the skin.

9. If your skin is mixed with an oily tendency, moisten a cotton pad and emphasize the T zone (forehead, chin, nose) to eliminate excess sebum and obtain a glossy-proof makeup.

10. When your eyes feel puffy and tired, a little micellar water will help to decongest them, eliminate stress and tension of the day and regain vitality in this area.

The procedure is the same: moisten a cotton ball and gently wipe it through your eyes a couple of times. They will feel more relaxed.

These are the benefits of the new era of cleansing waters!

Finally, How to Make Micellar Water at Home?

Micellar Water Know All Its Benefits
Micellar Water.

To obtain 100 ml of home micellar water you will need a small empty bottle, 90 ml of rose water, 3 ml of sulphated castor oil, Vitamin E and 5 ml of essential oil of rosehip.

Mix all the ingredients in the bottle and remove it, as simple as that. Thanks to sulphated castor oil, all the components of your homemade micellar water will be unified.

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