How To Achieve An Epic Profile In Tinder?

Many want to succeed in dating applications, but very few know how to do it. So, How To Achieve An Epic Profile In Tinder?

Here are some tips, according to professional coaches, for getting more matches with couples.

Dating applications are replacing other ways of getting friends and partners.

It used to be bars, college or through mutual friends by blind dating, but with the internet the possibility of clicking with other people of the opposite sex has multiplied.

This has made many people go to these sites to conquer. But it is not enough to have a membership in these social networks.

Some studies show that there is science behind a good profile of Tinder, like a good resume to get a job. To achieve this you basically have to think about the photos you upload and the profile description.

Here are some recommendations.

How To Achieve An Epic Profile In Tinder?

1. Photos. Let them know who you are

For the first photo, it is recommended to upload one that exposes your entire face, without glasses, hats, or anything else.

Women really want to see who you are and if you wear too many accessories, you won’t make it. She wants to know how her whole face looks and especially how her eyes are.

Remember: the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

For the photos, the ideal is to put those ones that indicate that you have an interesting life.

Taking pictures with your dog, cat, horse or any other animal can give that idea because it implies that you care about other beings and not just about yourself.

Although it may seem unromantic, uploading photos with your grandparents adds points to the profile because it shows your humane and generous character towards members of the elderly. It is also a sign that you care about them.

Photos of you doing any kind of community service, such as helping people in need, will also give you solid points.

It doesn’t hurt to upload photos with other women. You can also include men, but always prefer photos with them, and if they are attractive, even better, because then the other girls will assume that you are an attractive guy with an interesting lifestyle and will want to be part of that.

Pictures are a way to show your passions. If music is your thing, put pictures of you playing live.

If you are passionate about sports, you can upload a picture of you playing your favorite sport.

Any image that reflects that you have an interesting lifestyle is also welcome here.

For example, travel pictures or extreme sports like snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, will give you points.


Leadership goes hand in hand with your passion. If you have both, you can use that tool to your advantage. For example, if your passion is your business, you can take a picture of you motivating your employees, if your passion is soccer and you are the captain of your team, take a picture that conveys that.

2. Your Body

How To Achieve An Epic Profile In Tinder

As for your physical attributes however, it is not good to exaggerate. If you have a six-pack or have a model’s body, avoid the selfies in the gym mirror.

It is preferable to use photos that do not show that you are trying hard to show your physique. Use all available space. Tinder allows you to upload up to six photos. So use five photos that show the above qualities plus the one of your face.

The more information the woman has about you, the better.

Do not upload selfies. They convey that you have very few friends and that the only way to get a picture of you is by using your own phone and your own hands.

Try to get your pictures with a camera or a high quality phone. If you know someone who has a good DSLR camera, ask that person if he or she can help you take some pictures for an hour.

The best time to take pictures is during sunrise or sunset, when light is an ally.

3. Profile Description

Use a humorous phrase. Here’s the example of Carl, a business administrator who put five stars on his profile and then wrote “the most gentlemanly guy I’ve ever dated,” Claire.

Obviously this is a joke because at Tinder there is no way to rate people like other applications like Uber do and women who see the profile will know he wrote it himself. It can also include a little challenge.

An example of this is to write a sentence like “if we do ‘match’ you have to pick me up, bring chocolates and flowers and open all the doors for me” or another challenge that sounds funny. This way she might be more willing to start a conversation.

However, remember it’s going to be a challenge, so don’t apologize. Stick to your requests but in a light and fun atmosphere.

How To Achieve An Epic Profile In Tinder?

4. Instagram

How To Achieve An Epic Profile In Tinder

Add your Instagram account profile name to the description. Include a little clickbait like “add me to Instagram, but please don’t be scared” this will make the woman curious and she will see your Instagram and if it’s an interesting profile she will be happy to talk to you.

Some of them won’t like your description, but sometimes it takes a few broken eggs to make an omelet.

5. Finally, something about Tinder’s algorithm

Tinder analyses your sliding behaviour and decides how desperate you are in the search for a partner.

If you slide right to all women, you are telling the algorithm that you are in need and that you are not attractive. Then they’ll only show you people who are as desperate as you are.

However, if you are demanding when slipping, Tinder will think you are an attractive man. It will categorize you with people who are not desperate and who are also demanding. So remember, don’t slide right at everyone.

One last recommendation is not to tell lies. It doesn’t help you out to profile yourself with attributes you don’t have.

What the experts recommend is that you exploit all your passions and personality traits, because the more you do, the easier it will be to match up with girls who are really interested in you.