Celebrating A Sustainable And Ecological Wedding Is Possible

When spring arrives, the main wedding season begins, which lasts throughout the summer. Celebrating A Sustainable And Ecological Wedding Is Possible.

And whether it’s to organize an alternative and economical wedding or to maintain a more traditional tone, it’s worth remembering that in celebrations and events we must also have an ecological conscience and encourage responsible consumption.

Celebrating A Sustainable And Ecological Wedding Is Possible
Woman Wearing White Wedding Gown Holding Hands With Man While Walking.

The care and respect for the environment can be adopted as a habit in any area of everyday life. In the same way as research is being carried out into mobility issues with the development of electric cars and motorcycles, or citizens are being urged to separate waste for subsequent recycling.

So in the celebration of a wedding or any event we can also remember our mother earth.

So there is nothing better than these dates to offer you a few tips on how to organize a sustainable and ecological wedding, to enjoy a day so special while you do your bit to take care of the planet.

  1. Location.
  2. Decoration.
  3. Invitations.
  4. Wedding Menu
  5. .Wedding dress.
  6. Bridal bouquet.
  7. Gifts.

1. Location

Celebrating A Sustainable And Ecological Wedding Is Possible
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The fewer trips you have to make and the more natural light you can enjoy, the more ecological your wedding will be. So, if you have the opportunity to organize the ceremony and the celebration in the same location outdoors, don’t miss it.

You can organize it in a farm, in an old house, in a forest or on the beach. In addition, this environment will turn the event into something as special as it is unique.

You will be able to enjoy the natural light to the maximum and take advantage of it so that everyone has spectacular photographs of the celebration.

In the event of having to move between the place of the ceremony and where the banquet is, the best is to rent a bus to transport all guests at once.

The bride and groom can travel in a carriage, a hybrid car or even a bicycle. Everything depends on the theme and the formality with which the event is designed.

2. Decoration

The most ecological decoration is that which stands out with the small DIY details, made with recycled or natural elements: wood, flowers, stones, leaves, etc.

Glass jars with candles or with wild flowers are always a success. It is even possible to use plants with roots to be able to transplant them later, or to give some of them to those people of the intimate circle to whom it will be very emotional to count on a plant of the day of your wedding.

3. Invitations

Invitations can be made in digital format or on paper. Without a doubt, digital invitations are more ecological and you can send them by Whatsapp or via e-mail, either in text or video.

If you opt for the classic paper invitation, remember that it has to be recycled, as well as the banquet or buffet menus. These are usually in charge of the catering service or the restaurant, so point out that you want them to be made in recycled paper.

4. Wedding Menu

Celebrating A Sustainable And Ecological Wedding Is Possible
Groom And Bride Kissing.

If you are organizing an ecological wedding, the menu should be according to the rest of the preparation of it.

The most recommendable thing, and that you will notice in your pocket, is that the banquet or buffet is prepared based on local and seasonal products.

Make the most of them and don’t rule out the idea of donating the leftover food and products to a charity.

Similarly, there should be no plastic household items, including straws.

Traditional tableware and cloth napkins are the best items to choose from.

5. Wedding dress

If you are the bride, before spending an exorbitant amount on a dress that you are only going to put one day and then hang in the closet, value to use some old dress of the family, to acquire some vintage model or to buy it made in natural fabrics as the cotton or the organic silk.

The old family dresses can be taken to dressmakers and designers to adapt it, without losing that vintage touch so fashionable now and, at the same time, so special.

6. Bridal bouquet

As with the menu, we recommend that your bridal bouquet is seasonal, that is, that the flowers that compose it are local, do not need transportation and belong to that time of year in which you get married.

7. Gifts

Celebrating A Sustainable And Ecological Wedding Is Possible
Engagement Rings.

Finally, the gift you select to give to your guests as a souvenir. You will have to be especially careful so that the wedding does not cease to be ecological and sustainable.

The options are multiple, as you can choose to make your own gifts as a DIY project, if the number of guests is not very high, or order them from artisans or producers in your environment.

We suggest you some such as organic soaps, candles, decorated stones, wooden hearts, small bottles of wine from a nearby winery, and so on.

Any of them will be used to register your names and the date of the link, although you can also add a small note with a message that will personalize it even more.

And remember, if the paper is recycled, better than better.

And how was your wedding? Sustainable and ecological? Share your experience with the community by leaving a comment below. Thank you!