11 Secrets To Be A Good Leader

If you came to this article, it is because you are surely looking for how to find and develop that profile of a good leader that you need. 11 Secrets To Be A Good Leader!

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Well, you’re in luck, because today you’ll really learn how to do it.

What is a Leader?

A leader is a person who is a reference for a group of people. It is a person who leads a movement, a group or an institution and who has earned the respect of the other people who follow him and support his actions or decisions.

11 Secrets To Be A Good Leader
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Let’s start by mentioning that there are two types of people in the world broadly.


There’s not much left to say here, so pay attention to what’s coming.

Either we have a profile of a good leader (who leads people) or we are led; this goes both in politics and in the work environment; social or family.

The 11 Secrets to Being a Good Leader

1. Unbreakable Values

The profile of a good leader is based on knowing enough not only about himself but also about the area or role he plays (Especially if he wants to be a good boss).

No one wants to be led by someone who lacks courage or self-confidence.

Moreover, there are no intelligent followers who can long be dominated by this type of leader.

2. Self-control

A man who cannot dominate himself can never dominate others.

Self-control is an example for people; because they will identify with the profile of the good leader and try to emulate him.

A leader without self-control is therefore a bad example to follow.

An example of this would be going to Alcoholics Anonymous and having a drunk in charge of the group. Would you really follow him or trust him?

3. Deep sense of Justice

Without a sense of nobility and justice no leader can influence or be respected by his followers.

4. Decision

11 Secrets To Be A Good Leader
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A man who doubts his decisions is demonstrating that he is not sure of himself; in this way he cannot lead successfully.

What a simpler example than a colonel in the middle of a war.

Imagine the platoon coming and asking him what to do or what his instructions are, and this colonel answering doubtfully with a question:

What do you think we should do, boys?

It’s very simple…

A leader who doubts; is not a leader.

5. The Successful Leader must plan his Work and Work Out his Plan.

A leader who acts only intuitively in the long run is like a boat without a rudder. It will stop at any port.

A good leader must make plans and follow them.

Again let’s take as an example a colonel planning an attack strategy. In the middle of a war you can’t act by intuition; you have to plan a strategy; you have to draw up a plan and then follow it to ensure success.

6. Working Harder than Others

A key aspect of a good leader is having good will and doing more than it demands of his followers.

Otherwise he is demonstrating not a good sense of leadership, but rather a sort of manipulation.

Being first in a “war” is very different from being at the end.

7. Pleasant Personality

There’s not much to say here.

Charismatic people; genuine; who have a pleasant personality tend to improve the sense of leadership.

8. Sympathy and Understanding

11 Secrets To Be A Good Leader

A good leader must be sympathetic to his followers; able to understand them and their problems.

This is as simple as understanding that we are in charge of a human group.

When we lead we do not manage human resources a resource can be financial; technological or whatever you want; but when you are surrounded by people… they are people and that’s it.

A good leader must understand people and their problems.

9. Mastery in Details

A good leader must be a master in the art of details.

He must see from the minimum to the most advanced aspect trying to make sure nothing is left out.

10. Willingness and Desire to Take Full Responsibility

A successful leader must want to take responsibility for the mistakes or negligence of his followers.

If he tries to avoid this responsibility he is almost certain that his position will be short-lived.

When a follower makes a mistake, it is the good leader who feels he made that mistake.

11. Cooperation

11 Secrets To Be A Good Leader

The successful leader understands and applies the principle of cooperative effort and is able to induce his followers to do the same.

It simply consists of knowing how to cooperate with others and getting others to understand this in order to apply it in their actions.

There is not much left to be said here; the leader is part of a whole that must know how to make it work; and in turn transmit that message to others so that there is a synergy of work among all.

So far I have presented you with the 11 secrets of being a good leader.

Obviously there are many other things that complement being a good leader, however leaders usually have these points in common.

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