Life After Game Of Thrones: 10 Great Series You Can Watch (Part I)

On Sunday 19th May 2019, HBO released the final episode of the last season of Game of Thrones. Undoubtedly one of the largest series of current times that exceeded for seven seasons (some question the eighth season) all expectations. What about life after Game Of Thrones, we will show you today 10 Great Series You Can Watch.

Game of Thrones became a television phenomenon that joins, perhaps in the first place, the cultural impact of major productions such as Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Lost, Mad Men, among others.

Life After Game Of Thrones: 10 Great Series You Can Watch (Part I)
Life After Game Of Thrones: 10 Great Series You Can Watch

However, its end came despite the fact that HBO has prepared some projects related to the universe of Game of Thrones.

For many, after that Sunday follows an emotional and television void that can’t be filled with anything… or maybe it can.

That’s why, here we leave you 10 series and productions that you can see now that the fight for the Iron Throne of Game of Thrones is over.

Some of the series that we propose are already advanced while others, barely start with their first season or still do not have a release date.

But that there is variety, there is variety and here we leave them:

  1. Chernobyl – HBO – First season
  2. The Society – Netflix – First season
  3. Black Mirror – Netflix – Fifth season
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu – Third season
  5. Big Little Lies – HBO – Second Season
  6. Dark – Netflix – Second Season
  7. Stranger Things – Netflix – Third Season
  8. Money Heist – Netflix – Part Three
  9. The Crown – Netflix – Third season without release date
  10. Watchmen – HBO – First season without release date

1. Chernobyl – HBO – First season

Chernobyl is a great HBO bet that has elements to capture audiences. As its name suggests, Chernobyl follows the events that occurred in the 1986 Ukrainian region nuclear accident.

There are many official “versions” of history in which an explosion exposed the core of one of the plant’s reactors.

However, this series is intended to tell the darkest part, and how the authorities tried to minimize a major problem.

In Chernobyl we meet Valery Legasov, a real character in history whose main job it was (and is in the series) to define the accident and answer the bigger question: How and why did the explosion happen? But more importantly, what are the consequences?

2. The Society – Netflix – First season

This Netflix series has a known premise, but the interesting thing is to see how it develops.

The Society follows a group of young people who, after a failed excursion, return home to get on with their lives. However, nothing is the same anymore because they entered a parallel world where their parents and any sense of civilization does not exist.

In order to survive, they must organize themselves and propose a new model of government that is to their satisfaction; however, the power struggle also begins to know who should make the decisions for the “good” of all.

Of course, force over intelligence is fundamental to the development of history. The Pressman sisters seem to do a good job, but are interrupted by others who want power.

3. Black Mirror – Netflix – Fifth season

This is one of the most outstanding series of the list and, therefore, of the present time. Black Mirror presents us with the same dystopian universe, at different times, where technology commands the development of society.

From its first two seasons of three episodes each with a special one, Black Mirror generated a necessary conversation of where the total immersion of the electronic devices, virtual games and others is taking us.

For the fifth season, Charlie Brooker presents three episodes on the psychological impact of social networks, the absence of people before them, loneliness, interpersonal constructions whether in friendship or romance, among others.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu – Third season

From its first season, The Handmaid’s Tale became one of the favorite series of audiences and the success of Hulu.

The series, based on Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name, shows us a new world order divided into social classes, but above all in their reproductive capacities.

And so we know Offred (whose name is June), a woman who belongs to the group of “maids”, which serve the powerful so that they can have children, this as a result of the infertility crisis.

And so, as the questionings begin in Gilead, the silent revolution also begins in the third season because, as June assures us, none of this really happens officially.

By the end of the second season, June manages to escape with her baby, but returns to lead the maid revolution and bring down a fundamentalist system that puts women at the center of violence and as the basis of power.

5. Big Little Lies – HBO – Second Season

A suspenseful drama about some women in Monterrey who must face themselves to survive. After Perry Wright’s death, what’s next?

The second season introduces us to Mary Louise, Perry’s mother, who arrives in the suburbs to find out what was behind her son’s accidental death.

And so, he discovers that his wife and a group of friends are involved in more than just his accident, but in a web of lies associated with Perry and the damage he caused to several of them.

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