How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

If you love flowers, and you just cannot help yourself from buying a bouquet every time you wander into the farmers’ market, there are ways that you can make those blooms last longer than the usual two to three days. How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer?

In this article, you will learn how you can keep your cut flowers fresh longer.

1. Remove the leaves that are in the water

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

The leaves that are submerged in the water will start to rot, which will then provide food for bacteria, which will then infect the rest of the flower.

If you can find any leaves that are touching the water, cut them immediately.

2. Change the water daily

To keep your flowers fresh, you need to keep the water in the vase fresh as well.

You need to change the water every day, and also make sure that all debris in the vase is removed before adding water. If there are any organic materials in the water, they will rot and infect the flowers.

Even if the flowers you bought came with floral foam you still need to replace the water in the vase every day.

Let the foam sink on its own into the water, because forcing it down might trap air bubbles, which will prevent water from traveling inside the stem.

3. Trim the stems every couple of days

Depending on how quickly they rot, you can trim the ends of the stems every time you change the water (which is daily), or every two or three days.

Always use sharp scissors, shears, or a knife to cut the stems to keep the stem from fraying.

Always cut at a rough 45-degree angle to increase the amount of surface area that can absorb water.

Trim the stems of store-bought flowers before you place them in water.

This is especially true for roses as they are more susceptible to have air bubbles trapped inside their stems, to prevent this, cut their stems while they are submerged in water.

4. Use a flower preservative

Flower preservatives, commonly known as “flower food” are available in flower shops, gardening supply stores, and in supermarkets.

These items have all of the things that flowers need to live, like glucose for energy, acid for stabilizing their colors and for balancing the water’s pH level, and a mild biocide to kill any bacteria in the water that can cause the flower to rot faster.

5. Keep the flowers away from heat and other environmental risks


You need to keep the flowers away from direct sunlight. The sun will only cause the flowers to dry up quicker since the plant is no longer alive.

You should also keep your flowers away from places where there is a strong draft; wind will only cause the flowers to dry up faster.

In addition, you need to keep the flowers away from different heat sources like space heaters, above the television, and others.

Also, do not place your flowers near a fruit basket, or any fruit for that matter.

Fruits release trace amounts of ethylene gas, which can cause the flowers to wilt faster.

With these tips on hand, your bought flowers can last for several weeks.

Now you do not have to buy fresh flowers every week to give your home a burst of color.

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