How To Find – Horoscope (02-04-2019/02-11-2019)

How To Find – Horoscope (02-04-2019/02-11-2019)

Do you want to know your luck? Do you like to know what the stars say about you? Be aware of what your zodiac sign holds? In our horoscope section you will find the weekly and lunar predictions that will guide you and even, if you wish, make decisions. In addition, you will be able to know with which celebrities you share a sign and a birthday. How To Find – Horoscope (02-04-2019/02-11-2019).

How to Find - Horoscope

You’re moving through a peak time regarding your social life. This week, you’re encouraged to take a step forward by joining a group or club that appeals to your interests. It could feel like a breakthrough and something that can make quite a difference to your life at this time.

On another note, Thursday’s tie between sober Saturn and nebulous Neptune could see you having second thoughts about a goal and whether it’s appropriate. You might realize that pursuing this path no longer interests you. Deeper forces could be inspiring you to try another way. This understanding could come naturally, and you’ll likely feel at ease with your decision.

At the same time, it wouldn’t be wise to pit yourself against someone in authority, especially on Friday, because you could come out the loser. Stand back and find another way to make your issues known.

How to Find - Horoscope

The sun’s merger with Mercury in your sector of ambition on Tuesday could see you in the spotlight and ready to share information and ideas that can be useful to others. This isn’t the time to hold back. Be bold and enjoy promoting your skills, talents, and business.

If you have certain rigid beliefs, you could be influenced by friends or a social group in this regard. This might not happen overnight, but a seed could be planted that encourages you to rethink your loyalty to religious or other beliefs. Indeed, they may have been preventing you from blossoming in your own way.

Intense feelings could register on Friday as you find yourself frustrated or even angry at certain limitations. Now is the time for change. Connecting with someone who can help you process through this could lead to a dynamic transformation.

How to Find - Horoscope

Your curiosity could lead you to explore. Travel options may appeal to you over the coming weeks, but so could a course or workshop. The sun’s merger with talkative Mercury, your guide planet, could see you making enquiries and eager to start. 

There is also a subtle alignment between cautious Saturn in your sector of transformation and nebulous Neptune in your sector of ambition, which could help melt away hardened feelings. You may have a realization about how your experiences have prevented you from moving forward. If so, this is your chance to do something about it. 

A friend could seem to trigger intense emotions, particularly around the end of the week. It might be a good idea to steer clear, especially if you’d prefer to avoid any drama. You might be able to discuss the issue calmly and sensibly a few days later. 

The weekend could be a time of fascinating discoveries and wonderful encounters.

How to Find - Horoscope

As feisty Mars continues to power through your sector of goals and career, it also angles toward potent Pluto in your relationship zone. This can lend an intense aspect to the week that puts you in conflict with someone. Perhaps they don’t agree with what you’re doing, or the person is trying to manipulate you. Whatever the scenario, facing up to them directly could be a mistake. If you’re willing to wait a week or so, this person might be more open to listening and knowing more about the direction you’re taking. 

There is also a tie between cautious Saturn and ethereal Neptune in your sector of far horizons that could bring about a change in a partner or someone else you’re close to. They could be exposed to ideas that alter their beliefs, and this could transform their outlook and make them easier to get along with. 

When sweet Venus moves into Capricorn on Sunday, the gentle energy adds warmth to your relationships, and you might find it easier to negotiate.

How to Find - Horoscope

You seem eager to enjoy life and make the most of opportunities to travel and explore. New experiences can bring lively and positive relationships your way that you will truly relish.

At the same time, a tie between prudent Saturn and dreamy Neptune in your sector of transformation hints that it’s time to relax your grip. You could be inflexible regarding certain habits and routines when a willingness to go with the flow might serve you better.

You might also feel intensely about a work matter, and it could be due to someone who seems manipulative or domineering. Your instinct may be to get away from the person, but this issue could seem like less of a problem in a week or so.

As chatty Mercury aligns with upbeat Jupiter over the weekend, encounters can lift your spirits. One meeting could see you enjoying an intellectual understanding and perhaps becoming friends as a result.


How to Find - Horoscope

Something needs to change over this week, but if it involves someone else, the person may resist and this might only make you even more determined. Rather than get frustrated, try letting the whole thing go. Before the week has passed, the person in question may change anyway. 

Similarly, someone with a vivid imagination and creative ideas could influence you to make changes to a project that is stuck in a rut. If you’re willing to take up their suggestions, it could come back to life. 

A lively aspect in your lifestyle sector could see you eager to research your options regarding health and wellness issues. You may be looking for a new and different diet that offers an innovative way to lose weight. Similarly, experimenting with different exercise regimens might help you find the one for you. Neither diet nor exercise needs to be perfect. You just need to feel that it’s doable.

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