How To Find – Horoscope (01-28-2019/02-04-2019)(cont)

How To Find – Horoscope (01-28-2019/02-04-2019)(cont)

Do you want to know your luck? Do you like to know what the stars say about you? Be aware of what your zodiac sign holds? In our horoscope section you will find the weekly and lunar predictions that will guide you and even, if you wish, make decisions. In addition, you will be able to know with which celebrities you share a sign and a birthday. How To Find – Horoscope (01-27-2019/02-03-2019)(cont).

How to Find - Horoscope

As feisty Mars continues to move through your relationship zone, there is still plenty of opportunity to clear the air and get a relationship back on track. Still, you might be reluctant to let someone off the hook, especially at the start of the week. Experience could encourage you to set firmer boundaries, and this might include not seeming too eager to make amends. It could be the only way the other person gets the message.

Even so, with a fabulous aspect between delectable Venus, your personal planet, and jovial Jupiter, there are plenty of other people who relish your company. Going out with friends, relatives, or people in your local area can be a ball. You’ll feel recharged just by being in their company. And there is plenty more where this came from, as opportunities to attend upbeat events and enjoy romance make for an excellent week.

How to Find - Horoscope

Progress could stall because you overthink something. The harder you try, the more difficult it might be to carry it off. If you relax, things could be so much easier. Whatever you’re involved with, a lighter touch can allow you to go with the flow rather than constantly judge or criticize yourself.

When it comes to spending money, you may have no doubts about what you want. With luxurious Venus merging with jubilant Jupiter in your money zone, the sky’s the limit. If there is something you desire, you might see no good reason why you shouldn’t have it. And the fact that there’s nothing in your bank account may be the least of your worries.

There are opportunities to increase your income, too, and finding the right balance can be crucial to being able to enjoy your spending sprees. Dynamic Mars in your lifestyle sector can give you the energy to work hard and be more productive. Make the most of it.

How to Find - Horoscope

With four planets in fire signs, you could feel truly in your element. Plus, with dynamic Mars and electric Uranus in your sector of leisure, you may enjoy the thrill of the romantic chase. If you’re looking for love, the week ahead shows great promise. Even if it seems you have competition, you can still come out the winner because your confidence is supreme.

At the same time, you could hit the brakes on a new romance or even a creative project if you feel the price is too high. In the end, though, the need for excitement could outweigh caution, and you could well give in to your feelings.

A focus on your sector of talk and thought this week could provide an opportunity to promote your business, especially on social media. And when chatty Mercury moves into this same zone midweek, your efforts could bring positive results.

The end of the week can see you enjoying competitive sports or opting for a trailblazing adventure.

How to Find - Horoscope

The focus on your personal financial zone could be a chance to get your money to work harder for you. The coming weeks can see you taking stock and considering how you might increase your income. You might also be eager to start a side business. This is a time when you might consider making use of a talent that has lain dormant. You could see positive results from this.

You may take a rather sober approach to family matters at the start of the week as Mars in your domestic sector angles toward cautious Saturn in your sign. But any opposition may melt away within a few days, and you’ll be more likely to go with the flow.

There is also the chance of meeting someone at a yoga class or spiritual event, and this could be a very uplifting and happy encounter. Once you’ve made their acquaintance, you might be eager to see them again.

How to Find - Horoscope

With the sun in your sign, you could be feeling much more at home with yourself and ready to take stock of your life. And once Mercury, the planet of talk and thought, enters Aquarius on Wednesday, you’ll be eager to share your ideas and get others interested.

If one of your plans takes you out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised by how one part of you wants to give up. Perhaps it’s the thought of failure that causes you to indulge your fears. Don’t give up, though, because you might be eager to try again within a few days and this time you could find it easier to start.

Looking for romance? The coming week brings plenty of opportunities. Whether you’re solo or spoken for, a beautiful aspect in your social sector could see you coming up a winner. It’s also a great time to network and make new friends.

How to Find - Horoscope

With the sun in a secluded zone and thoughtful Mercury moving in midweek, you may enjoy quieter times to reflect and recharge. This phase will last for around four weeks, and it’s an opportunity for you to remove clutter, spiritually and emotionally. What no longer serves you? Whatever that is, it’s time for it to go.

You may be less inclined to get involved socially, preferring to channel your energies elsewhere for now. Indeed, with feisty Mars in your money zone, you may be eager to get rid of items you no longer need. And while selling them can net you some extra cash, the space you recover and the spare, minimalist look of your home could recharge you and boost your creativity.

You could have an impact in powerful circles this week because you can impress the movers and shakers. Someone with influence could take a shine to you, and if so, you might want to use this to your advantage.

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