How to find a better job with no experience

How to find a better job with no experience

How to find a better job with no experience

how to find a better job with no experienceIt’s a question as old as time. Thousands of college students across the country will soon be asking this age-old question: If all jobs require experience. How can you get that first job when your only experience is your degree? When you are just out of college and embarking on finding a career path, it’s easy to feel intimidated. Job searching without much work experience can be frustrating, but with some hard work, a lot of ambition, and confidence in yourself, it can happen. How to find a better job with no experience?

A recent story in the New York Times captures just how rough things are for young workers right now. College debt is up, median pay and net worth are down and an overwhelmingly disproportionate percentage of unemployed persons are millennials.

The current gap between graduates’ abilities and employer expectations can’t be stressed enough. A recent survey found that, the majority of employers don’t feel that new graduates have the skills required.

How to find a better job with no experience?

  1. Find Your Own Experience. Managers ranked things like internships, employment during college and volunteer experience above things like relevance of coursework, college GPA and college reputation.
  2. Embrace your reality. If you’re applying for entry-level positions, most people aren’t expecting you to come in with a resume filled with experience. Instead, embrace your inexperience and leverage it as motivation to learn.
  3. Emphasize “Soft Skills”. What will make you stand out from the rest? Remember to showcase qualities like friendliness, professionalism, responsiveness, and follow-through. Strong soft skills can go a long way, because they can’t really be taught.
  4. Don’t stress it. Avoid mentioning your lack of experience or that’s all the employer will think about. Talk about how excited you are to start working and your willingness to learn.

When all is said and done, there are only two questions that any employer really cares about: Are you capable of doing the job, and can you prove it?

Don’t worry, finding a job with no experience is very possible. Be confident and use these tips to land that first job in no time!

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