How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home

How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home

Professional dry cleaning services can be quite expensive, especially when you have a lot of clothes that are dry clean only. How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home.

How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home

To help you keep your dry cleaning costs manageable, you should try dry cleaning your clothes.

You can actually buy dry cleaning kits from the supermarket that has all of the things that you will need.

If you thought dry cleaning is a complicated process, you will be surprised at just how simple and easy it actually is.

1. Know which clothes you can safely dry clean

Check the tags on your clothes. The ones that are made of wool, silk, and rayon are often labeled “for dry clean only”, so you should have no trouble dry cleaning them at home.

On the other hand, clothes that contain leather, fur, and suede require special treatments, so you should just let the professionals handle these instead.

2. Check how heavily soiled the clothes are

Home dry cleaning can only hand lightly soiled items, if the items are covered in thick mud, or other substances, then you need professionals to help you with that.

3. Use a stain remover on the stains

Most DIY home dry cleaning kits come with mini-bottles or pens that contain stain remover.

Since you will be dealing with delicate fabrics, try not to scrub the fabric too harshly as you could damage them.

Remember to use the stain remover on the stains only, you will only cause irreparable damage if you soak the entire garment in it.

4. Placing your clothes inside the dry cleaning bag

How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home

All home dry cleaning kits come with a dry cleaning bag that can fit at least three pieces of clothing.

When putting clothes inside the bag, you need to make sure that they are of similar colors, as the colors might bleed into each other.

The dry cleaning bag should only be halfway full, so that the clothes have room to tumble around.

If you will be dry cleaning dresses, you should only put two dresses (or four blouses) inside a large dry cleaning bag.

Unfold the dry cleaning sheet that came with the kit and place it inside the dry cleaning bag. Close the bag tightly.

The dry cleaning sheet contains a bit of water, an emulsifier to disperse the water, and a perfume to freshen up your clothes.

When the dryer heats up the dry cleaning sheet, it produces a cloud of steam that disinfects your clothes, infuses it with fragrance, and loosens the wrinkles.

5. The dry cleaning procedure

Put the dry cleaning bag in your dryer, set the heat on medium, and the timer for thirty minutes.

If your dryer does not have a medium heat setting, set it on low. As soon as the thirty minute timer goes off, retrieve your clothes from the dryer.

If you let the clothes remain in the dryer, they will get horribly wrinkled.

Take out the clothes from the dry cleaning bag, place them on clothes hangers and hang them to allow the wrinkles to straighten themselves out.

If there are still a couple of wrinkles on your clothes, use a steam iron to take them out.

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