How to Deodorize Your Carpet Using Baking Soda

How to Deodorize Your Carpet Using Baking Soda

Does your carpet have a funky, awful smell? It might be because of spilled food, your pets’ “accidents”, or the years of foot traffic your carpet has received thus far. How to Deodorize Your Carpet Using Baking Soda?

How to Deodorize Your Carpet Using Baking Soda
Carpet in an Apartment.

Sure, there are many commercial carpet cleaners available, but these usually contain harsh ingredients that can irritate your nose and lungs, and are not good for the environment.

If you want an eco-friendly alternative to commercial carpet deodorizers, one that also happens to be very affordable, then use baking soda.

1. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly

To make sure that the baking soda can really do its job, make sure that your carpet is as clean as you can get it.

Make several passes of your vacuum cleaner over your carpet so you can get rid of all the big dirt particles and any loose carpet fibers.

You should do this more thoroughly if you will be treating an area that receives a lot of foot traffic.

Once the carpet is as clean as it can get, tell all members of your family that the carpet is off-limits until you are finished cleaning it.

Tell them not to walk all over the carpet while you are still cleaning it.

2. Sprinkle liberal amounts of baking soda on the offending area

Pick up a couple of large boxes of baking soda at the grocery.

You will be using quite a lot of this so you better have a lot of it on hand.

Since baking soda is harmless to humans and pets, and because it is pretty cheap, you should get at least two large boxes of the stuff.

Since baking soda has a tendency to clump together, to make it easier to spread out, transfer the baking soda into a large shaker.

Sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda on all visible surfaces of the carpet; every square inch of the carpet should be white.

It is important that you use fresh baking soda, do not use the open box that’s sitting in your refrigerator for the past couple of months.

Fresh baking soda can pick up more smells than baking soda that’s been opened for several months.

3. Scrub the baking soda into the carpet using a plastic brush or a sponge

How to Deodorize Your Carpet Using Baking Soda

Make sure that the baking soda gets deep inside the fibers of the carpet.

You need to put some elbow grease here. If you are worried that a rough brush would ruin the delicate texture of the carpet, you can use an old sock or a t-shirt to rub the baking soda in between the fibers.

Let the baking soda sit in the carpet for at least several hours or overnight.

If you can let the baking soda sit in the carpet for 24 hours then that’s even better.

4. Vacuum all traces of the baking soda

Work your vacuum slowly, there is quite a lot of baking soda to pick up so it might take a while to pick them all up.

You will need to make a couple of passes with the vacuum just to make sure that there are no trace of baking soda left.

As long as the baking soda didn’t get wet then it should come right off.

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