How To Build A Campfire

How To Build A Campfire

Campfires can be extremely magical. This is particularly because they’re extremely warm and keep the insects and wild animals away. How To Build A Campfire?


Furthermore, it just gives you a mesmerizing experience to listen to ghost stories by your loved ones while munching on a s’ more.

It’s not just that campfires provide sociability at night, it’s also the fact that campfires allow you to build stronger bonds with your family members in the woods.

If you’ve been planning to go on a trip and build a campfire, here is how you can build one with ease:

Step 1: Positioning the campfire

Ensure that your campfire is not too near your tent and not too far away from it either.

Make sure that it is a considerable distance away from anything that can catch fire.

It can be extremely dangerous to have one too close to your tents.

Ensure that it isn’t too breezy as the trees or grass might catch fire otherwise.

Make sure that you keep the blazing ashes away from any combustible material.

Step 2: Starting your Campfire

Building your campfire requires you to create a bed. In case you’re out in the woods, find a spot where there is no grass.

You don’t want the grass to catch fire which is why an uncovered area might be the best bet.

If there’s no such spot, make sure that you pull away the grass and put some soil until it looks like a tiny mountain.

Make sure that you check if there is something that can catch fire nearby. Also, ensure that there is enough room for the fire.

If you can find a flame bed which was utilized by previous campers, ensure that you use that instead.

You can start by creating a circle of rocks. This is a handy trick which allows the flame to stay within this circle.

Leave some space for the fire to get the oxygen that it needs and have a steady flow.

Step 3: Get some dry leaves and sticks

You can find tons of dried leaves, sticks, branches, twigs and much more.

Refrain from using fresh leaves as they would burn out unevenly or stop burning in the middle of the process.

How To Build A Campfire

It is best to use wood that you find on the ground. Don’t cut any twigs or branches to create a campfire.

You can find a number of materials which can be used in your campfire.

Make sure that you have enough fuel (such as twigs) to burn your fire for a long time.

Usually, the fire burns out really quickly and in order to keep it going, loads of resources are necessary.

Tinder is also a great option when it comes to campfires.

Step 4: Start your fire

The best way to do this is to be as quick as possible and quickly keep the tinder in the middle of the fire.

If you have a utility lighter, it can be great for lighting a campfire regardless of the conditions around.

Get your Marshmallows out and begin roasting them instantly!

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