Horoscope March 2019 – Week 10 (03-04-2019/03-11-2019)(cont)

Horoscope March 2019 – Week 10 (03-04-2019/03-11-2019)(cont)

Do you want to know what the stars bring you in money, love, work and health? Discover this and more in our weekly Horoscope Section, only on HowToFind. In our horoscope section you will find the weekly and lunar predictions that will guide you and even, if you wish, make decisions. Horoscope March 2019 – Week 10 (03-04-2019/03-11-2019)(cont).


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As innovative and refreshing Uranus moves into a deeper and more sensitive sector of your chart, the years until 2026 could see you becoming acquainted with some hidden aspects of yourself.

Whatever idealistic picture you may have painted about your life could be shattered by emerging deeper truths. Suddenly you may find that you can reclaim your power by aligning with impulses you’d previously ignored.

There is also a major focus on your sector of work and service. You may realize how much you do for others and how infrequently you have attended to your own needs.

The new moon in this sector on Wednesday can be an opportunity to be kinder to yourself and make this a daily habit. 

As fiery Mars aligns with hazy Neptune over the weekend, an inspiring encounter or even a book or movie could leave you feeling much more positive and upbeat.


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The small print will get you every time. Or, at least, it will get you at the start of the week, if you’re not careful.

Tuesday is a day for details too. No shortcuts. Wednesday you can rely more on your intuition — which is your comfort zone. That’s how you like to operate.

Dinner in a foreign restaurant on Thursday will put you in the path of a beautiful accident of timing — relinquish control and you will be delighted at what comes your way — but Friday and Saturday aren’t going to bring much in the way of wonderfulness.

Someone’s breathing down your neck. Thankfully, Sunday is all yours.


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Home and family life could be your focus over this week, and you might be eager to resolve an issue that has puzzled you for some time.

Perhaps somebody’s behavior is mysterious, or a niggling issue seems to continue on and on. As a new moon conjoins with hazy Neptune on Wednesday, a flash of inspiration could enable you to see the truth of a situation.

This could inspire you forward, and sound decisions will clear the way for further progress.

A new phase begins as idealistic Uranus moves into Taurus and your lifestyle sector on Wednesday. As it will remain here until 2026, you have plenty of opportunity to experiment and find a way of life that allows you to be essentially yourself.

If your routines are stifling your creativity, the coming months and years could encourage you to do something about it.


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You are not a flake. If you say you’re going to be somewhere, you’ll be there — with your shoes shined.

Sadly, as Monday and Tuesday amply demonstrate, not everyone else is as conscientious as you. Certain people may have to be crossed off the list of all-stars in your life. Happens sometimes.

Wednesday and Thursday you continue to deal with people in a no-nonsense way. You also, oddly, take things a bit personally.

Keep that in mind on Friday or Saturday, when others may appear as they are not. Don’t rush to any conclusions.

Spend Sunday doing research.


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As expressive Mercury goes into reverse in your personal financial zone, it might be time to come to grips with money matters. And you might need to be more careful when it comes to buying big-ticket items.

Things like computers or cars might be better left until the planet of talk and thought turns direct again on March 28. If you have no option, though, keep any receipts and paperwork.

You could tend to be rather too generous, too, and the new moon in this zone on Wednesday encourages you to set firmer intentions in this regard.

Put your own needs first, and when these are satisfied, share what you can genuinely afford with whomever you like. 

As electric Uranus, your personal planet, moves into Taurus and your home zone on Wednesday and remains here until 2026, a revolution may be about to take place in your domestic sector.

It’s time to shake off the old and embrace the new.


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Monday you will want to dive into a box of Styrofoam peanuts and stay there. You won’t feel like moving.

Tuesday isn’t a good day for doing anything specific either. Your brain is on creative matters; you’re effectively useless to the rest of the world. Embrace this.

Wednesday and Thursday, create something. If you have a special someone in your life, create something together. (What could be more romantic?)

Friday and Saturday, a healthy activity is in the stars — a solo activity, a jog perhaps — and Sunday finds you in an analytical state.

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