Horoscope March 2019 – Week 10 (03-04-2019/03-11-2019)

Horoscope March 2019 – Week 10 (03-04-2019/03-11-2019)

Do you want to know what the stars bring you in money, love, work and health? Discover this and more in our weekly Horoscope Section, only on HowToFind. In our horoscope section you will find the weekly and lunar predictions that will guide you and even, if you wish, make decisions.Horoscope March 2019 – Week 10 (03-04-2019/03-11-2019).


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The sun continues its journey through your spiritual sector and a more private part of your chart this week.

This is an opportunity to continue clearing away emotional baggage and releasing those situations that no longer serve you.

Toward that end, there’s a new moon in this same zone on Wednesday that can assist you.

However, with hazy Neptune also aligning with this powerful lunar phase, it could be easy to lose your focus and let things drift. Write down your goals for the coming month because this will help you stay on track. 

Also on Wednesday, energizing Uranus moves out of your sign and into grounding Taurus and will remain here until 2026.

During this time, you could develop some innovative and very clever ways to earn and organize your money. 

Finally, the weekend can be perfect for relaxing with a good book or movie because you might not feel up to doing anything too vigorous.


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Whatever pressures are on you to buy or sign or decide or race ahead, ignore them.

The start of the week is not the time to buy or sign or decide or race ahead; it’s a time to dart into the space between two cute buildings on your way somewhere else and notice the flower boxes and moss and birds along electrical wires.

It’s a time to, well, waste time. Wednesday and Thursday are similarly fanciful (good food figures strongly).

Friday and Saturday are somewhat serious days (you may have to settle a dispute between two of your friends or coworkers), but Sunday is romance and, again, flowers.


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The week commences as expressive Mercury, your personal planet, turns retrograde in your sector of goals and ambitions on Tuesday.

This phase lasts until March 28, and it could bring delays to your best-laid plans. With a focus on getting ahead, it would pay to be careful regarding any deals, new contracts, or communications in general.

There is a new moon in Pisces and your career zone on Wednesday, and this could be an opportunity to kick-start a goal or new project. However, with dreamy Neptune involved in the mix, take the time to assess your priorities.

The movement of energizing Uranus into Taurus and your spiritual zone from Wednesday until 2026 can bring insights and revelations. It’s also a chance to invite change into your life from the inside out.

The weekend has a very easygoing quality and can be an opportunity to reflect on life and get your bearings.


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A walk on the wide side sets your week on an unlikely course — an exciting course. Authority is not in the picture.

But huge gaps of time to fill aren’t in the picture either. You’re busy. You have things to do. As you experiment with ways of presenting yourself to the outside world, make sure you aren’t misinterpreted.

Sometimes the wildest thing you can be is perfectly honest.

The middle of the week, emotions and new beginnings are major themes, and Friday and Saturday see you splurging.

Splurge on something that will last over time. Something meaningful. Then, Sunday, think small.


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What secrets will emerge out of the shadows this week? A focus on your sector of change and transformation and all things hidden could make for an interesting few days and weeks.

The sun in Pisces and in this sensitive sector aligns with nebulous Neptune. And with a new moon also factoring into the equation, this could be a time of revelation.

A piece of information or news could have a powerful effect on you. It could kick-start a phase of action or encourage you to make a few decisions.

There is another major shift as restless Uranus moves into Taurus and your sector of goals and ambitions.

It will remain here until 2026. Feeling unhappy in your job or career? This dynamic influence may encourage you to jettison it and start again with something that resonates with you.

Don’t do anything impulsive, though, because a slow and steady approach to change can serve you better.


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Monday and Tuesday are seesaw days — they could tip either way: really great or really a drag. Depends a lot on you.

Be careful when communicating, and make sure the details are given the attention they need.

Wednesday and Thursday, details are crucial as well. Your organizational prowess will be called upon, most likely in reference to a family gathering. Get out the planner.

Friday and Saturday require rubber-band-like flexibility — nothing will go the way you’d envisioned, so go with the flow.

But Sunday is a great day: All you have to do is look at a flower and it instantly blooms.

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