Horoscope February 2019 – Week 8 (02-18-2019/02-25-2019)(cont)

Horoscope February 2019 – Week 8 (02-18-2019/02-25-2019)(cont)

Do you want to know your luck? Do you like to know what the stars say about you? Be aware of what your zodiac sign holds? In our horoscope section you will find the weekly and lunar predictions that will guide you and even, if you wish, make decisions. In addition, you will be able to know with which celebrities you share a sign and a birthday. Horoscope February 2019 – Week 8 (02-18-2019/02-25-2019)(cont).


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Your magic quality this week (especially at the beginning of the week) is your utter inability to hold a grudge. You just don’t care enough to carry that kind of energy around. There are too many important things to think about. Plus, on Tuesday especially, you’re a wonderful listener. Wednesday through Friday, use those listening skills to be a better flirt. The second half of the week is charged with beauty and social energy, but the weekend finds you a bit mopey. Money matters weigh on you, as do career matters. Make a date with the couch, an eye mask and some relaxing music.


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The information you receive on Monday helps you immensely. Now you can plan. Now you know where you’re going. Get on the phone and make sure your friends have your back. On Tuesday, if you have to make a detour to cover a friend’s back, you certainly should. You never know when you’ll need to collect a favor. The second half of the week, decisions come less easily than you may have anticipated — a word to the wise: Sometimes giving in is an awesome solution, but this weekend you are bolstered by a new confidence and by the respect everyone else has in you. Why let them down?


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Others may drive you crazy on Monday and Tuesday, but why let on? Save your lectures for situations that matter. There is enough to do that you don’t need to egg on the let’s-stir-up-drama contingent. Your reserve will pay off nicely. By Wednesday, you will be heralded as everyone’s favorite person to be around. Thursday and Friday bring still more compliments on the social front. Nevertheless, something deep down is bugging you. Spend the weekend sorting it out. Pay attention to your dreams, and if you feel comfortable, open up to a friend.


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A long-distance phone call brings you more relevant news at the beginning of the week than you ever expected. And, if the person on the other end is an old pal, the interaction will leave you feeling grounded and content. Wednesday it’s time to leave the ground. But, don’t expect to make headway immediately — new missions take time. Thursday and Friday are all work and almost no direct payoff. Yet. Practice patience. This weekend, work matters will seem so much less important than social matters. Your friends are so good for you; they prove what’s possible.


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You might as well take care of the details from the outset because you’ll have to take care of them at some point. Not everyone may be on the same page as you, and the fault may be your own. Clear your throat and spell it out. Wednesday, a chance interaction with someone you barely know will lead to a revelation — you love it when that happens — and Thursday and Friday, as your mind spins, you may reflexively go into an aloof mode. Resist doing this, as connections are key right now. This weekend, career ambitions preoccupy you, but your crazy social life distracts you at night.


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Your analytical mind can be too much for a friend seeking solace. Sometimes the best course of action is to listen intently. If advice is solicited, follow your intuition. The full blast of your true opinion isn’t necessarily what’s needed (especially if your true opinion is somewhat critical of the person seeking the advice). The second half of the week, you’ll be collecting favors — and maybe even money — from others. If a problem arises in a friendship, consider what you can do to smooth things over. This weekend, don’t succumb to the sharks. You are a beautiful fish all your own.

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