Horoscope February 2019 – Week 6 (02-04-2019/02-11-2019)(cont)

Horoscope February 2019 – Week 6 (02-04-2019/02-11-2019)(cont)

Do you want to know your luck? Do you like to know what the stars say about you? Be aware of what your zodiac sign holds? In our horoscope section you will find the weekly and lunar predictions that will guide you and even, if you wish, make decisions. In addition, you will be able to know with which celebrities you share a sign and a birthday. Horoscope February 2019 – Week 6 (02-04-2019/02-11-2019)(cont).

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Even while you’re juggling a million other things, you have your eye on the world around you. And when you see something beautiful, you point it out to your friends. You’re a pleasure to be around these days, which explains why, midweek, someone is all over you. It may not even be a romantic thing; it could be a business thing. You have the power to make Thursday either wonderful or terrible — it pretty much depends on you — but Friday and Saturday are going to be amazing no matter what you do. Magnetism, duets and kindness figure strongly. Sunday, your energy is through the roof.

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Monday and Tuesday are dreamy and wonderful; the dream motif is especially apt — you merely have to wish for something to be true and suddenly it is. Romantically, you’ve never been better off. It’s rare for the fantasy realm to be so perfectly imposed on real life. Wednesday and Thursday constitute something of a reality check. Not that they’re bad days, but you will have to lift a finger, sadly. Friday and Saturday, all is not peaches and cream with regard to your love life, nor is all ruined. Deal with the issues at hand. Then, on Sunday, take it easy.

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Listening to someone tell a story from their past on Monday gets you thinking about your own emotionally rich history. Look how far you’ve come! The challenges you face right now are nothing compared to the challenges you’ve already surmounted. Wednesday and Thursday, nothing can get in the way of your unbelievable talents (plus, expect a romantic subplot to occupy your evenings) and Friday and Saturday’s demands on you are very doable. Flex your skills as a master communicator and all will be fine. On Sunday, there’s a lot of talk but surprisingly little action.

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There are many ways to express yourself. Look into a new tactic on Monday and Tuesday. Writing a poem? Writing a song? Finding an original way to communicate with you-know-who will not only help you feel more connected to this person, it will flatter them. Wednesday and Thursday, your creativity won’t be much use in solving a career or family problem. But Friday and Saturday were made for creativity — as well as romance. After a sequence of entertaining activities on Saturday (a hike? a walk through town? a drive through the mountains?), spend Sunday telling this person what you really feel.

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You suddenly have little patience for other people’s values. Not that you don’t appreciate other opinions; it’s just that you’re long overdue for taking stock of what’s important to you. Something to consider Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday launches you into much more abstract terrain. Advanced ideas, humanitarianism at large, the discovery of world events you knew little about — this is what’s on your mind through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are more mundane and family-oriented (not that families aren’t beautiful and fascinating in their own right), and Sunday is unexpectedly romantic.

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Treat yourself on Monday. Part of figuring out what you want is getting what you want and seeing if you like it. So, do some research. On Tuesday, you begin work on a new project that might transform your outlook on everything. Wednesday and Thursday are less clear days, relatively — camouflage and clouds figure metaphorically — but a home-cooked meal on Friday night returns you to solid footing. Saturday is a day of soft pillows, singing birds, handwritten letters and romance. Sunday, a perfect day for sleeping in, is more of the same.

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