Here’s All You Can Do With A Kindle (In Addition To Reading Books)

Here's All You Can Do With A Kindle (In Addition To Reading Books)

All You Can Do With A Kindle (In Addition To Reading Books)

  1. Your Library (you can access books from your nearest library)
  2. Share An Account.
  3. Lend A Book.
  4. Send Documents.
  5. Take Screenshots.
  6. Convert Files To Kindle Format
  7. Read Articles.
  8. Surf The Internet.
  9. Create A Profile For Your Children
  10. Listen To Music And Audiobooks.
  11. Play

Are you a hardcore reader as well as a Kindle user? To begin with, we have to tell you that you have made the right choice, because Kindle is one of the best electronic readers available today.

Here's All You Can Do With A Kindle (In Addition To Reading Books)

Without a doubt, Amazon has made a series of excellent devices that offer one of the best user experiences.

However, despite all the advantages that Kindle can bring to the lives of its users, not everyone knows the possibilities that this device can offer.

Yes, apart from being able to download books from Amazon, your reader can do many more things. At #HowToFind we show you some tricks and ideas for you to learn how to make the most of it.

1. Your Library

Apart from the books you can download from Amazon you can also access books from your nearest library, yes, that of your town or city.

Many physical libraries now have a space for downloading e-books. You won’t even have to move from the sofa to go to the library and ‘get’ the book you’re looking for.

All you have to do is go to your public library’s website and select the books you want in the e-books section – if there is one, of course – go to the loans section and log in with your Amazon account; select the type of reader you’re using and send the books there.

Once the books are stored, connect your device to the WiFi network and download the books in the ‘Archived Articles’ section or select the ‘Cloud’ option.

2. Share An Account

Thanks to the Family Library option, Kindle lets you share your books with someone else.

To configure this option, you need to enter the ‘Home’ screen, hit ‘Menu’, ‘Settings’, ‘Registration’, ‘Family’, ‘Family Library’, ‘Add a new person’ and ‘Add an adult’.

Keep in mind, however, that this option links two Amazon accounts.

The person you’re going to share books with will need to log in to their Amazon account and enable sharing, which you will also need to do. Both of you can choose to share all the books purchased or just a few.

Something very important that you should know if you are going to share your account is that both people will be able to use the credit cards associated with both accounts to make purchases on the Amazon site, so we recommend that you think carefully about who you share with.

3. Lend A Book

Here's All You Can Do With A Kindle (In Addition To Reading Books)

Another option, instead of sharing your account, is to lend a book.

Kindle lets you do this for 14 days. To do so, go to, select the title of the book you want to share, click on the ellipsis button, and then click on ‘Lend this book’.

From here you just have to choose the person you want to lend the book to and that’s it.

Not all books are allowed to. You will know which ones admit this option because they have the ellipsis button.

4. Send Documents

The Kindle Personal Documents Service allows you to send documents to your Fire tablet, Kindle e-reader and Kindle-compatible reading applications (Kindle for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Kindle for Android, Kindle for BlackBerry 10) using the unique e-mail address assigned to each of your devices during registration.

The ‘Send to Kindle’ (Send-to-Kindle) e-mail address is a unique address that is assigned to the user when they register a compatible device.

5. Take Screenshots

Kindle also allows you to make screenshots. If you have a keyboard model, you’ll need to press Alt+Shift+G.

If you have a Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite reader, you’ll be able to make a capture by simultaneously pressing two opposite corners of the screen.

To make it on the Kindle Touch, hold down the Home button and tap the screen; and on the original Kindle, hold down the Alt+Shift+G keys.

When you want to use those screenshots on another device you will have to dump them by connecting your Kindle via USB to a computer and export the .png files.

6. Convert Files To Kindle Format

Sending documents to the Kindle reader is a great function, but you have to keep in mind that in order for us to visualize them well we must first convert them to Kindle format.

When you send documents to your Kindle with your ‘Send to Kindle’ address, you can convert them to the Kindle (.azw) format with one simple step.

In the subject line of the email, type “convert” and the document will be converted to the specified format once it reaches your ‘Send to Kindle’ address.

7. Read Articles

Here's All You Can Do With A Kindle (In Addition To Reading Books)

In addition to books, through Kindle you can read articles. All you need to do is download to your phone or tablet applications such as Instapaper or Pocket.

When you save an article through the ‘app’ you can access it from any of your devices, also from Kindle.

All you have to do is, after downloading the application, go to ‘Settings’ and select your Kindle as your delivery option.

8. Surf The Internet

We can’t live without being connected to the Net and Kindle wasn’t going to be the one to stop us.

If you didn’t know, take note: all models allow you to access web pages and surf the Internet.

Keep in mind that you won’t be as comfortable as when using a mobile phone or computer, but the option is at your disposal and you can use it.

9. Create A Profile For Your Children

Your children can have their own profile within your account, without the need for them to have one of their own.

Setting up the profile will only take a few minutes: go to the home screen, ‘Menu’, ‘Settings’, ‘Register’, ‘Family’, ‘Family Library’, ‘Add a new person’ and ‘Add a child’.

Then you will have to enter the parental control password, your child’s name, date of birth and gender, and you will only have to select the books you want to include in their library.

Sharing books with them is completely free.

10. Listen To Music And Audiobooks

Discover all you can do with your Kindle!

Depending on the Kindle model you’ve purchased, you can listen to music, audiobooks (like the Kindle Touch), or watch videos (like the Kindle Fire).

Just open the book or file, press the Menu button and select ‘Start Text-to-Speech’. Your Kindle will read the text to you like an audio book.

11. Play

Yes, the latest Kindle released, such as Fire, also allow you to download games.

And if you have a Kindle with a physical keyboard, you can also play.

Also, what many users don’t know is that old versions of some Kindle hide free games.

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