How to Make Sex Interesting Again in a Long-term Relationship

Many couples who have been living under the same roof for a long time are beginning to forget the importance of sex in their relationship. So, How to Make Sex Interesting Again in a Long-term Relationship?

Pleasure. Who doesn’t like pleasure? Enjoy a massage on the whole body, including the intimate parts. To taste a plate of appetizing food, to take a nap in a pleasant and calm place. To rest, and, of course, to feel an orgasm, or the exciting comfort of the moment in which we are “victims” of a good session of oral sex. Opportune caresses in each part of the body that makes the hair stand on end.

How to Make Sex Interesting Again in a Long-term Relationship

The pleasure of sex is there for everyone, but many couples who have a stable relationship, with a few years on top, forget what initially motivated them, excited them and incited them to enjoy their sexuality.

They forget the sex and put it aside, generating cracks in the relationship, because a couple that does not have sex, simply can not be called this way.

“The more pleasurable sex you have with your partner, the more sexual desire you will have”.

When I speak of pleasurable is that both have had an orgasm and that it is a sexual relationship that once you’ve finished gives you emotional well-being.”


Of course, there are a lot of factors that interfere in the daily life of a couple who share the same roof and try to keep the sexual desire intact. But, nothing that can’t be solved.

Some of the problems that can diminish desire and therefore the frequency of sexual encounters are: emotional crises, pregnancy, the arrival of children, stress, lack of time, lack of concern for the ritual of sex, among others.

Even men and women have particular difficulties to feel sexual desire.

“Hypoactive desire syndrome (decrease in sexual desire and fantasies) is one of the most frequent complaints in the clinical field and is more evident in women than in men.

Sexual desire decreases when psychiatric problems such as depression, hormonal disorders, the presence of problems between partners and the use of medications also contribute.

As for men, the experts say that sometimes this absence may be linked to a feeling of inferiority presented by men and anxiety in different fields of their lives, as well as work stress.

“The more pleasurable sexual relations you have with your partner, the more sexual desire you will feel.

How often?

How to Make Sex Interesting Again in a Long-term Relationship
Couple on bed.

Although there is no exact measure of how many relationships a couple must have in order to be considered in good health, there is a number that can be taken into account to evaluate the relationship and is the result of a consensus between the two people.

It’s an implicit agreement. It is established in the routine. Two or three times a week can be the average, but this does not mean that if there are couples who have it five times they are nymphomaniacs or if they only have one, they are frigid or in crisis.

Many couples, with the passage of time, begin to become comfortable with the subject of sex, because the illusion, novelty and idealization of the other has passed to give way to more everyday moments, where sex is no longer what unites them, as in the beginning, if not that it becomes part of the emotional bond without being preponderant.

But who said that you can’t enjoy good sex with a lot of love?

How to Make Sex Interesting Again in a Long-term Relationship
Get out of bed.

Lasting relationships have many elements that can nurture sexuality. Trust, determination to be together, broad knowledge of the other, and love.

The most important thing is not to do it 3 or 10 times a week. It is better to recognize that sexuality gives us pleasure and that it is necessary to innovate. Make good use of creativity to avoid that time turns a relationship into a cemetery of desire.

Finally, I leave the advice to re activate desire in a couple who left sex on a second level.

  1. Rediscover the art of kissing. Kiss your partner for 10 minutes, not allowing them to touch anything from the waist down.
  2. Caress his/her feet. Your feet are full of nerve endings and stroking them is as erotic as it is relaxing.
  3. Massage-Massage-Massage. Try to caress your partner’s skin as gently as possible, almost without touching it! Blow, moisten, run your fingertips or tongue. You’ll see the chills you cause.
  4. Get out of bed. It’s not a cliché. It’s really stimulating to try unconventional places for the couple. They have to resort to new poses, new dynamics that can move them away from monotony.

Intimate Care

How to Make Sex Interesting Again in a Long-term Relationship

In the last year, products for intimate care and grooming have appeared on the market. They are helping to make genital health no longer a taboo.

  • The recommendation is that the cleaning is done with water and neutral soaps, which protect the PH of the vagina.
  • A study by Bayer established that women between the ages of 18 and 36 are more likely to suffer from vaginal infections caused by fungus.
  • Among the myths about infections, it is believed that having an active sexual life predisposes you to suffer them. Experts say it is false.
  • Up to 75% of women get candidiasis at some time in their lives.
  • Doctors recommend wearing cotton underwear for freshness.
  • A woman should never keep her wet bathing suit on. The same recommendation applies to sportswear after physical activity.
  • The suggestion is to change your daily liners two or three times a day.

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