Why Maternal Grandmother Is So Important To A Child

There is a particular connection between the maternal grandmother and her grandchildren, but it does not surprise anybody. Why Maternal Grandmother Is So Important To A Child?

Why Maternal Grandmother Is So Important To A Child

Grandparents play an essential role in the family. But among them all, there is one whose influence stands out: the maternal grandmother.

Your child may get along better or worse with his maternal grandmother. That he visits her more or less often. That he feels more or less affinity towards her. But what you may not know is the significant genetic burden she leaves her grandchildren. We explain the theory of the Chilean essayist Alejandro Jodorowsky.

This picture is very important in a child’s life for a number of reasons, not just the emotional aspect.

Many people are not associated with their grandparents, do not live together and some times hardly know them. Even so, they’re related for life.

The role of the maternal grandmother is particular, she is”accused” of having immediate responsibility with the grandchildren, more than the other grandma.

In addition, her influence crosses generations, as a result of values and learnings that come to us.

From a genetic perspective, it is also very important. This girl is really a dual mother, especially if her progeny is a female.

The woman is already born with her eggs that were developed, that is, her ultimate grandchildren were also within her.

Could science explain the relationship we have with our maternal grandma? Or is it merely a sensitive and moralistic issue?

How Does Mathematics Explain The Importance Of The Maternal Grandmother?

According to the theory of Alejandro Jodorowsky, a Chilean essayist; regardless of how much affinity or youth memories you have of your maternal grandmother, you are bound to her by genes.

According to this we have to look closely at the way the child has obtained this kind of influence.

Apparently, the genetic load that’s transmitted from mother to child is directly associated with the grandmother.

Why Maternal Grandmother Is So Important To A Child
Grandma with her Grandchild.

Of all the grandparents, it is the grandmother who has the greatest involvement concerning inheritance. If it comes to genes, generations don’t seem to follow each other instantly.

For this reason, it is likely that certain children have a tendency to look more like a great-uncle or even great-grandfather than like their own parents.

Maybe the resemblance doesn’t need to be physical, but it’s left its mark on a genetic level.

Occasionally that follow is completely perceptible, perhaps a mole, his eyes, or the way he walks. There are also internal marks, for example the characteristics of the bones, muscles or perhaps a disease.

As you might expect, certain aspects haven’t anything to do with breeding. It’s not that our son has devoted himself to the very same tasks he discovered with his maternal grandmother, it’s definitely something that he inherited through blood.

And yes, science has an excuse, in this instance the toddlers were in their grandma’s womb.

The formation of the embryo within the uterus receives a lot of biological material from the mom.

Although both parents have 50 percent in the creation of the embryo, in order for it to develop it has to continue to nourish itself out of the mother.

That’s to say, when the father’s involvement has ended, mother continues to act.

Maternal Grandma in Every Sense of this Word

Why Maternal Grandmother Is So Important To A Child
Grandma with her Grandchild.

If the grandma participated in some way in the formation of her grandson according to DNA, then her attributes could be moved into the child.

But, Jodorowsky explains that it’s not just physical characteristics that are inherited. Emotional experiences of the maternal grandma may also be inherited.

The Oocyte where your child was born gets your mother’s genetic load.

All your kids will inevitably have the exact same genetic material.

That is why in some way there are links capable of transcending dimensions.

According to Jodorowsky, these feelings the grandmother suffered when she was pregnant of her daughter, were moved to them and perhaps to those future grandchildren.

We all understand the mitochondrial DNA info, that is to say the one that comes in the mother, is higher in the present time of the formation of the embryo.

The semen of the father lacks this kind of information, therefore the paternal grandparents don’t intervene further.

Despite this, some genetic studies suggest that the traits of the father’s DNA are much more dominant in regard to heredity.

Likewise, from a somewhat sentimental point of view, generally the maternal grandma is a great deal more involved with the pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth of her grandchildren.

The importance of the figure is unquestionable for many. We might not understand what we inherit from our grandmothers, but their existence in our lives is quite valuable from all points of view.

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