Happy Mother’s Day: Phrases To Wish A Happy Mother’s Day

To commemorate Mother’s Day, one of the most special and celebrated dates of the year, we have compiled a series of phrases so that on this important day. Happy Mother’s Day: Phrases To Wish A Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day Phrases To Wish A Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!

So, you can express all the love and gratitude you feel for her, for simply being your mother, the best you could have, the queen of the house.

Not every mother in the world celebrates her day on the same date.

This year (2019), Spain celebrates on Sunday, May 5; Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala on Friday, May 10. Chile, Colombia (except Cúcuta), Cuba, Ecuador, United States, Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela on Sunday, May 12. Argentina on Sunday, October 20.

Our selection.

Choose and dedicate the one you like the most:

  • Your arms always opened when I wanted a hug. Your heart understood when it needed a friend. Your tender eyes hardened when I needed a lesson. Your strength and your love guided me, and gave me wings to fly. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I think every day I look more like you and that fills me with pride and satisfaction. I love you Mom!
Happy Mother's Day Phrases To Wish A Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You taught me to get up when I fell, to enjoy the good times and to endure the bad, that patience is a virtue, that one learns from mistakes and that everything is easier with love. I love you, Mom, happy day!
  • I won the lottery when I was born. I love you Mom!
  • For wanting me before knowing me, for putting up with me once you knew me and for always loving me. I love you mom, happy day!
  • Happy day Mommy! Today on your day: thank you for being so beautiful, so pure, so tender, so unique and special. Thank you for being my Mother.
  • There is no perfection: but you, Mama, are the person who comes closest to this concept. Congratulations to the most beautiful mother in the world.
  • Mother, I bless you because you knew how to make your son a real and entirely human man. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Mom: although the calendar says that today I have to tell you how much I love you, I hope you know that I love you every day of the year. Happy day!
  • To you, Mama. Five letters has an angel, who took care of me in his belly, took me a thousand ways, taught me to be brave. Happy day!
  • On this Mother’s Day, to the best mother in the world, to the being who gave me life and who shares her sorrows and joys with me. For you mother: Happy Mother’s Day.
  • You ask for nothing, you give everything, thank you for being the way you are, thank you for being a great mother. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • It is written MOM, but it is pronounced the most VALUABLE WOMAN of this world. Congratulations on Mother’s Day. I love you!

Phrases of famous authors

Happy Mother’s Day!
  • The heart of a mother is the only capital of feeling that never goes bankrupt, and on which one can always and at all times count with complete security. (Paolo Mantegazza, doctor)
  • A mother’s love is the fuel that allows a normal human to do the impossible. (Marion Garretty, writer)
  • The mother’s love is peace. It does not need to be acquired, it does not need to be deserved. (Erich Fromm, philosopher)
  • No language can express the power, beauty and heroism of a mother’s love. (Edwin Hubbel Chapin, preacher)
  • A mother is one who can take the place of everyone else, but whose place no one else can take. (Gaspard Mermillod, bishop)

Fun Phrases

  • When you thought about becoming a mother, you never thought you’d get a son as weird as me, did you? You could have sensed it: like father, like son. It’s a joke, Mom. I love you! Congratulations!
  • I was going to congratulate you on Mother’s Day on Facebook, but I’ve noticed that you don’t have a profile. I’d better go back to the traditional to wish you all the best in the world. Congratulations, Mom!

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