Is It Possible To Have Orgasms With Only Our Mind?

Our brain is so powerful. It can give us one of the most powerful sensations we can experience in life: an orgasm. And without hands in between, nor any form of external stimulation whatsoever. How?

The existence of orgasms stimulated by thought may date back a long time. It would not be surprising if some ancient culture had practiced them.

Is It Possible To Have Orgasms With Only Our Mind
Woman Lying on Bed.

But it was only in the 90’s that a group of Rutgers University researchers proved they were possible.

At that time 10 women were recruited who claimed to have the power to reach orgasm via their thoughts. The researchers decided to test this by measuring reactions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and pupil diameter. All this at the time when women were stimulated and reached orgasm.

The reactions turned out to be the same as those of conventional orgasms.

And not only that: not all the women resorted to erotic thoughts. One of them thought of a warm summer afternoon and a walk by the sea. While another imagined the chakras moving down her spine.

Why can Orgasm be Mentally Induced?

Is It Possible To Have Orgasms With Only Our Mind
Woman Lying on Bed.

If anything has been proven in these times, via neurology, it is the intricate relationships between the brain, emotions and sensations.

Perhaps not everything will be settled on it. If not, William Burroughs would not have made his own machine to produce orgasms. Believing that there is an orgasmic energy in us and the atmosphere (something that could not be verified, but neither has been denied).

What is unquestionable is that during the orgasm different areas of the brain are involved. The hippocampus, the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum, coordinating the muscular reactions during this exhalation of such indescribable pleasure.

What are the thoughts that allow it?

Is It Possible To Have Orgasms With Only Our Mind
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Currently, the same scientists behind the first study are still investigating which thoughts stimulate the same areas of the brain as the orgasm.

Because there you could decipher the ways to reach orgasm through thought. And even find ways to stimulate people even more.

And who knows: maybe we can have an orgasm by reading, listening to music, or meditating.

The las one (meditation) can be a very helpful practice. It involves a deeper knowledge of our mind, a greater control of emotions, and it is even proven to help control the central and autonomous nervous systems, something which may not be possible in any other way.

In addition, some yoga postures can be very good for improving sexual life, as they make the pelvic area more flexible.

So, although it remains a mystery how one can reach an orgasm with only our mind, it is a fact that it is possible.

The research carried out in this regard may help in the future to combat problems of sexual dysfunction. And surely we will find new ways to connect with ourselves in pleasant and healthy ways, as it is having an orgasm.