5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life

Imagine playing Fortnite Battle Royale or PUBG Using VR glasses, in real time and without latencies out of your telephone and while you travel comfortably in an autonomous car at 320 km a hour. And no, it is not a science fiction fantasy: the future of matches and your life in general are about to change forever. 5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life.

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life
Smart Phone.

If you take a look at the corner of your telephone you will notice a small indicator that states 4G LTE, 3G, or, at the worst nightmare, 2G.

And because you’ve already learned, the higher the”G” that appears on the screen, the faster the computer link.

It’s a fairly simple formula: G signifies creation, and each subsequent generation identifies the specific minimum speed, connectivity and reliability required to classify the network as that specific generation.

1G allowed us to talk, 2G let us send messages, 3G gave us data and internet, and 4G/LTE made it considerably faster.

However, in fact, the 5G will make it change how we use any wireless device in what way?

First of all, it’s really fast: you reach 20 gigabits per second via wireless rate, or 100 to 250 times faster than 4G.

In contrast, 4G offers average rates of about 10 to 20 megabits per second, it is like moving from transmitting a Netflix movie in HD to transmitting 400 movies in 8K at precisely the exact same moment.

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life
Woman with an Smart Phone.

However, furthermore notable is the low latency of 5G (the delay between sending and receiving data): now, 4G tends to average roughly 100-200 milliseconds – and 100 milliseconds is extremely quickly because human response time is about 200-300 milliseconds.

However, 5G will reduce it to 1 millisecond, which is almost real time.

Being able to send and receive packets of data quickly suggests that we can use 5G to replace interactions in real time, so you can interact with people, objects or characters controlled by someone else, without any delay on both sides.

This manner, you can enjoy a shooter on your mobile online without latencies, or command virtual objects with other individuals simultaneously.

All this seems implausible right now, but that’s what you could do with 5G later on. And without any kind of delay.

To give you a good idea: the individual response speed is 200 milliseconds, and we have injuries every day.

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life
Woman using a Smart Phone.

Can you envision that your car could react and communicate its own reaction to hundreds of cars about it, all over a millisecond, in the event of an accident?

Not only were unable to stop automobile accidents, but we were also able to put an end to the desperate traffic jams: autonomous vehicles would circulate at a timed manner, in a brief distance from one another and with an extremely low threat of collision because all of them would circulate in a timed way and knowing in real time what is going on on their path.

The 5G might also be used in the next generation of robotic devices, where a few surgeries can be performed from the other side of the world, using a robot controlled in real time by specialist human surgeons, which might save thousands of lives in circumstances where distance and time are the difference between life and death.

Factories may be served by robots which can communicate their tasks and positions to one another, allowing them not to perform significantly more, but also to perform it economically and wirelessly within a 5G network.

Imagine a fleet of drones flying over a field of crops, using sensors in the floor to categorize, collect, feed and water plants independently and autonomously.

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life

5G Is A Reality In 2019 And Can Change Your Life
People using their Smart Phone.

5G will revolutionize the future and companies have invested billions to set up their networks and finance new technologies that can make the most of it.

But not everything is an advantage together with the 5G: A large disadvantage has to do precisely with its rate, because when utilizing a combination of frequencies, most of them with millimeter waves compared to the 15 to 40 centimeter long waves utilized by the 4G, its scope doesn’t move that far.

Therefore, while in 4G networks, you can travel ten km without barely losing the signal, with 5G you reach about 300 meters and does not go through walls along with even a rain curtain.

Having such a short signal space forces you to build many repeaters (hundreds of meters in each direction), but on the flip side, it allows you to cover more devices in one area.

Presently, 4G allows connectivity to a million devices in 500 square km, whilst 5G, for its part, will allow one million devices in 1 square kilometer.

Meanwhile, some businesses like T-Mobile claim to have successfully serve hundreds of kilometers in all directions from a single tower.

However, the reports do not appear to affirm that the rates and latency of which we spoke earlier can be gained.

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