5G As A Global Threat

5G: the newest thing of the moment. A brand that signals the beginning of a new age; the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies. 5G As A Global Threat.

It is already a reality, and according to data, it will represent 15% of the world’s mobile connections within 5 years. Although it may seem like another number, behind that 15 hides a revolutionary change with more uncertainties than benefits for consumers.

This is where a debate would arise, not a debate but a discussion between countries that has been silenced by the vast majority of the media… And thanks to business.

Magazines such as National Geographic report that “this new mobile technology will increase connection speed, minimize latency and exponentially multiply the number of connected devices. In other words: we will be connected to everything, all day long, and in the shortest time possible”.

According to official data, the WHO “has classified wireless technology as a level 2B carcinogen, a very generic classification (…) which includes substances that are considered to be harmless, such as coffee”.

However, some organizations warn of the potential damage that mobile phone waves can cause; one NGO issued a statement warning that: “the implementation of 5G has been carried out without evaluating its possible health and environmental effects, despite strong and numerous scientific calls to apply the precautionary principle.

But how can the WHO itself ensure that 5G is not dangerous?

5G As A Global Threat
5G As A Global Threat

Extreme deforestation, risk of hacking and mind control from governments.

Activists have reported that the testing that was done to ensure that result was somewhat imprecise when looking at the conditions.

First, the test was carried out by comparing it with what would happen if someone were near a mobile phone charging its battery, which was deemed to be harmless.

However, today there are so many smartphones, so many 3G, 4G wireless networks…, along with repeaters and antennas (as well as connection in residential and common spaces such as vehicles, public transport, shopping centres, cinemas, parks etc), that it would be wrong to consider their disadvantages as equivalent to drinking a coffee.

Obsolete Experiments.

To this must be added the obsolete nature of the experiment: it was done taking into account the connections of the generation band from 1995 to 2000, something that does not fit with the technology of recent years (2018-2020).

This is the year of futuristic technology and, at the same time, of care for the environment after a climate emergency alert, something that is contradicted by the arrival of 5G, since this new generation requires large areas of uninhabited vegetation.

Synthetic trees and cactus

As early as August 2018 half of the trees in Sheffield were cut down. The daily Ninanco explains why: “The trees will block the 5G microwave. If Sheffield wants to enjoy 5G technology, it must remove its trees.

Together with Rotherham Council they are investing some of the government’s money to test 5G, a total of £200 million”; the foliage would block 5G’s signals, thus preventing them from passing through.

Many users claim that moving out of towns is the ultimate solution, but there is a downside: 5G antennas and repeaters will be anywhere in the world.

These repeaters will be disguised as synthetic trees and cactus, so that they do not clash with the little original vegetation that survives the logging.

It seems that nature has no place in the digital world.

Nature has no place in the digital world.

Neither does our own nature. 5G can cause irreversible damage on a biological scale and, of course, to our DNA, which is why it has been aptly dubbed “the new chemtrail”.

Since it is a technology that has been around for years and is of military origin, it will also deteriorate our perception. In fact, they used it once against enemies to cause them all sorts of psycho-motor problems, being more effective than a smoke bomb.

The boxes and antennas complementary to this new generation of mobile telephony not only have the danger that they will emit frequencies to the liking of their administrators, but they can also be hacked and therefore modified at will by anyone with minimal knowledge.

These boxes will come with an access code available to governments, who will be able to increase the frequencies as they see fit.

5G, the ‘new chemtrail’: irreversible damage to our DNA and an infertile society.

This is not the first time scientists have explained that human DNA works like a fractal antenna, capable of sending and receiving signals, which are a form of radio frequency.

At an artificial level, the same happens with transmission or telephone towers, something that also influences our DNA, since it transmits and registers biological signals.

France and Russia.

Precisely, France prohibited WiFi in schools under the argument of causing autism and being harmful to the development of children’s brains.

Russian Today openly exposed how they implemented 5G into society without recognized evidence of whether it is negative or not.

On the other hand, Dr. Olle Johansson stated that radiation from 5G waves will cause serious problems in future pregnancies. In the fifth generation of human beings their primary DNA would already be affected. Thus bringing into the world beings with deformities, because their great-grandparents – who would be the inhabitants of Today, 21st century – already have sperm and egg damage.

In other words, in the 22nd century the defects that our genetic information has been accumulating will be more than visible, or at least in the small percentage of the population that can still be fertile.

5G controversy in other countries: denounced in the USA and blocked in Switzerland.

5G As A Global Threat
5G As A Global Threat.


In the US Senate, only professionals outside the 5G industry (congressmen, doctors, politicians) strongly disagreed with the alleged advantages offered by this new cyber weapon.

For example, Michigan Senator Patrick Goulbeck (technology professional), Paul Eru (University professor, expert in epidemiology and biostatistics, who called 5G “anti-human”) or Martin L., professor emeritus of biochemistry and medical sciences in Washington who said that “by putting tens of millions of 5G antennas without any kind of biological safety and health test, we are shown the most stupid idea anyone has ever had in the history of mankind”.

This words could be perfectly reinforced by the studies carried out by the different and independent organizations of the companies promoting 5G, since they claim the same thing.

What’s more, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal asked industry leaders if there was any independent research that would dismantle the drawbacks of 5G, with a negative response. The representatives of private industries did not want to give any more details either.


For its part, Switzerland has blocked the deployment of 5G technology. This until the impact of this type of facility on public health is clarified.

In addition according to ABC, they toke the decision after the organisation of “a real crusade of politicians and citizens against the deployment of 5G wave stations” as it would have “a permanent impact on the population”.

Laughter and mockery at the United Nations: everyone declares themselves ignorant of the issue.


As far as Spain is concerned, the Barcelona City Council withdrew a critic article of 5G from its website. Isabel Diaz Ayuso has said that the government will do everything to bring the Mobile World Congress to the capital.

5G As A Global Threat and the UN.

We cannot count, either, on the advice of the United Nations.

Antonio Gutiérrez, ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations and known as a great expert in digital matters, claimed to be ignorant when he was told how electromagnetic radiation exceeded the permitted levels up to a hundred times, as it was “typical of directional or focused energy weapons that put the development of children and the environment at risk”.

Finally there was a roar of laughter and mockery in the room. Then they gave permission to leave the issue on the hands of the WHO, on the grounds of “ignorance”.