10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products

10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products

For some time now, a large number of consumers have opted for so-called organic, biological or organic products. Fleeing from transgenic, false “bios” and food contamination scandals. Here are ten good reasons to consume these organic products. 10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products.

1. They Are Healthy

10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products
Organic Beets, Carrots and Onions.

Organic products are healthier because they are free of persistent toxic residues from pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, additives and preservatives.

Many of them are use in conventional agriculture to eliminate insects or pests and combat diseases, and which in the medium or long term can damage our bodies.

As they do not contain artificial substances, food from organic farming is correctly assimilated by our body. This without altering metabolic functions.

According to nutritionists, many degenerative diseases are caused by food.

Another characteristic of organic farming is that, when growing food in soils balanced by natural fertilizers, the products are more nutritious. Because they contain higher levels of vitamins, especially C, essential minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium …, and antioxidants, which help prevent certain diseases such as cancer.

2. Do Not Contain Synthetic Additives

Organic food does not contain synthetic additives that can cause health problems such as heart failure, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity.

Biological products, grown without the use of agrochemicals. Respecting natural rhythms and without additives, this make them very rich in nutrients.

On the other hand, different studies have shown that it is not essential to incorporate synthetic substances in the cultivation or production of food or in its subsequent conservation.

It is not necessary to look for products out of season to satisfy the nutritional needs of our organism.

3. Do Not Contain Pesticides

Hundreds of chemical pesticides are use in conventional agriculture. It causes traces of pesticide residues to appear in the food from this agriculture that we ingest daily.

Different toxicological studies show the relationship between pesticides and certain pathologies such as cancer, allergies and asthma.

The use of pesticides is also detrimental to the health of the agricultural worker. This is a serious problem especially in developing countries, where the use of pesticides is poorly regulated.

In turn, the use of these substances damages the environment and entails an additional cost to society. Since society must eliminate the residues that pesticides leave in nature.

4. Do Not Contain Genetically Modified Organisms

10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products
Woman Carrying Basket Of Fruits And Vegetables.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not authorised in organic farming. Farming with genetically modified organisms leads to genetic uniformity and thus to genetic erosion. Which means a loss of variety, with large areas of the same crop.

Organic farming aims to conserve and promote the genetic variety of species and types. And thus the richness of cultivated landscapes.

5. Do Not Contain Antibiotics

There is currently concern about the increasing use of antibiotics in traditional livestock farming and the possible effects on human health.

The control standards of the European regulation prohibit the use of antibiotics in organic farming, which benefits the health of consumers.

The veterinary treatment give to livestock, with very typical exceptions, is often homeopathic.

6. They Are Sustainable With The Environment

Respecting the environment is one of the maxims of organic products; when we consume organically grown food we collaborate in the conservation of the environment and prevent pollution of soil, water and air.

Ecological agriculture is the most respectful of fauna, which generates the lowest pollution of aerosols, produces less carbon dioxide, prevents the greenhouse effect, does not generate polluting residues and helps save energy and governments, because in the cultivation and processing of products takes maximum advantage of renewable resources.

It should be noted that the decrease in biological diversity is one of the main environmental problems of today; organic agriculture preserves seeds for the future, thus preventing the disappearance of some varieties of great nutritional and cultural value.

7. Have The Highest Levels Of Quality

10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products
Tomatoes and Fruits.

The organic food comes from organic farming, which uses a production system of maximum reliability as it is subject to traceability from the field to the table through the European Regulation 2092/91.

All the agents involved in the agri-food chain are subject to control and inspection of the raw materials used, the production process, packaging, labeling, etc. by means of accredited control and certification companies.

8. Are Respectful Of Animal Welfare

The European regulation provides for specific measures for organic livestock in terms of habitability on farms with the aim of avoiding stress on animals and boosting growth in semi-freedom.

This type of farming allows animals to grow at their natural rate and under appropriate living conditions.

The animals are not manipulated artificially or intensively in order to achieve greater production. Among other things, artificial insemination and hormones are not an option.

The feeding of these animals is based on natural pastures, milk preferably from their own mother, and organic feed and fodder, free of pesticides, fertilizers and transgenic.

Another characteristic of organic farming is that it promotes native varieties, which are the ones that have best adapted to the conditions of the area.

9. Are Respectful With Nature

  • Ecological agriculture fertilizes the land and stops desertification.
  • It favors water retention and does not pollute aquifers.
  • Promotes biodiversity.
  • Maintains the habitats of wild animals, allowing and favoring the life of numerous species.
  • Respects the natural cycles of crops, avoiding the degradation and pollution of ecosystems.
  • It favors biodiversity and ecological balance through different practices: rotations, associations, green manures, hedges, extensive livestock farming, etc.
  • It recycles nutrients by incorporating them back into the soil as compost or organic fertilizers, and makes optimal use of natural resources.

In short, it respects the balance of nature by contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem and to sustainable rural development.

10. They Are Tastier

10 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Products

Since the ecological products are more artisan and careful form, they recover the original taste and have better flavor.

Because plants are only regenerated and fertilized organically. They grow healthier and develop better, preserving the authentic aroma, color and flavor.

For this reason, many consumers prefer organic food, as it preserves the true taste of each ingredient and allows them to recover the traditional taste of food.

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